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The Sentimental Eat-In Kitchen: 7 Kitchens with Dining Tables

Homeowners have been taking walls down in kitchens for about as long as it’s been “okay” for men to cook for their families.  Coincidence?  Maybe.  It’s still something that I get asked about on every kitchen project with an older home.  I know some people prefer the kitchen separate (speak up!  I haven’t met you yet, but I hear you’re out there).  People typically hire me when they want to tear out a wall so I don’t get to meet the people that are into an enclosed kitchen.  Maybe that has something to do with my skewed statistics.  I did recently meet some new homeowners who were thinking that they were okay with the enclosed kitchen in their older home.  The reason?  It had a generous area for a large dining table.

I love kitchens that have room for a table.  Some homeowners will ditch the island and put in a big farmhouse table instead.  I think that a dining table in the kitchen feels luxurious, yet also casual and friendly.  It is family friendly although, I think I’d like it even if I lived alone.

You really have to have a pretty big kitchen to be able to have a table and chairs in them in addition to your kitchen cabinetry and that in itself is the luxury.  Banquettes are coming back into style now, but I’m really drawn to a table and chairs.  Here are some eat-in kitchens to inspire you.

simple banquette kitchen
I’m really drawn to the simplicity of this banquette. I also like the plainness of the slab front cabinets. Of course, when you have the 10′ ceilings, lots of natural light and hardwood floors you can keep the rest of the room fairly simple. (Photo Source)
kitchen with table and chairs
This kitchen is right up my alley for a variety of reasons. I think number one is the playful use of scale as a design element. Number two is that it’s a little eccentric. It’s unusual and idiosyncratic and we can all use that in the Land of Same that is a lot of Interior Design. (Photo Source)
long table in kitchen
I like this too – instead of an island – a long, antique table. (Photo Source)
galley kitchen dining table
This is quite the narrow, little galley kitchen and I’m impressed they managed to fit such a large table here. I imagine eating here would feel like eating in the kitchen area at a restaurant – I like it! (Photo Source)
kitchen servants table downton abbey
Dining tables in the kitchen also remind me of Downton Abbey and there’s nothing wrong with that. (Photo Source)
rustic table in kitchen
I love this rustic table and bench in the center of this kitchen. (Photo Source)


galley kitchen with table
This is incredibly lovely for many reasons too. It seems logical to have a rectangular table in a kitchen because of the rectangular nature of the cabinets. I think that is why I love the circular table here. (Photo Source)

“Afterwards, they always had tea in the kitchen, much the nicest room in the house.”
Flora Thompson












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