5 Easy, Kid Friendly Halloween Dishes

I've been prowling around looking for some fun things to make for Halloween and thought I would share 3 Halloween inspired main courses with a Pumpkin Rice Ball side dish and a classic Graveyard Pudding that I had fun making for my family.  Let's start off with the most disgusting one, shall we? The Meatloaf Mummy I've seen… Continue reading 5 Easy, Kid Friendly Halloween Dishes


Pineapple Sandwich

I recently listened to an Alison Rosen podcast where she and her crew discussed sandwiches they enjoy that others might think strange.  One of them was a butter sandwich.  Two slices of bread (not toasted) and a nice smear of butter.  It doesn't sound terrible to me, but it does make me imagine someone whose… Continue reading Pineapple Sandwich

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In Which I Unite Beautiful Objects and Lou Reed

I love these handmade vases and tumblers made by Emily Reinhardt from Omaha.  They are simultaneously chic and retro and would be beautiful with just a single blossom - just as a small vase should.  Her ceramic deli-style tumblers make me want to break out my egg cream soda recipe (add vanilla) that no one but… Continue reading In Which I Unite Beautiful Objects and Lou Reed