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How to Use Color in Your Home to Get What You Want

Okay, maybe color won't get you what you want.  BUT, maybe it will!  Who's to say?  If you're feeling positive about life because you woke up in a room with colors that make you happy, maybe you'll get the job you wanted.  I'm going to gush about color again this week because I'm still feeling… Continue reading How to Use Color in Your Home to Get What You Want

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Mid-Century Modern Renovation in Denver

I finished this project over a year ago and waited until Modern in Denver published it this Fall to show you.  At first it was hard to wait, and then I forgot about it.  I think that describes a lot of waiting on things that you think you want.  At first it's hard and then… Continue reading Mid-Century Modern Renovation in Denver

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Trend Alert: Lilac for Days

I was at a job site this week talking with some contractors and we were bemoaning the fact that color is coming back.   We were joking - kind of but not really.  White walls are easy.  Painting everything Simply White (one of my favorite whites) is an easy decision for a homeowner.  There's no… Continue reading Trend Alert: Lilac for Days

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DIY Backyard on a Budget: Bury Me in Gravel

We are almost to the end of "The Summer We Tried to Break Dave".  We decided at the start of this summer (really late Spring) that we were going to attempt a major do-it-yourself backyard transformation.  When I say DIY - I don't mean build an outdoor sofa out of pallets or plant new vegetable… Continue reading DIY Backyard on a Budget: Bury Me in Gravel

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Bath Me in Paneling: 9 Gorgeous Paneled Bathrooms

Welcome to the end of August!  It's been a week of back to school for most of Colorado and, even though we survived another intense heat wave, I can smell and see autumn in the air.  If autumn has a sound I'll never know because a Biblical amount of cicadas hatched recently and they sound… Continue reading Bath Me in Paneling: 9 Gorgeous Paneled Bathrooms

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Kitchen Flooring Trend: Follow the Red Brick Floor

We have about one more month of summer left and because school is starting, my mind is starting to think sweaters, leaves, fireplaces but it's still 90 degrees everyday and the dogs are shedding like they're in a competition (Nelson, the lab mix, would win).  I am so tired of the fur in the house.… Continue reading Kitchen Flooring Trend: Follow the Red Brick Floor

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Create a Mood: Put a Lamp on It

I love lamps in lonely places.  A small lamp can add magic to a dark bookcase, an old desk, a kitchen counter, a dusty bar cart - really any odd corner of your home that looks unloved and has an outlet nearby.  That last bit is important.  We have a small, awkward entry (but at… Continue reading Create a Mood: Put a Lamp on It

Current Sensibility

Current Sensibility

Street Photography I love street photography and this caught my eye recently by Denver photographer Kevin Mohatt.  I am fascinated by an unplanned, un-staged moment caught in time.  The great photographer and artist William Klein once said, “Be yourself. I much prefer seeing something, even if it is clumsy, that doesn’t look like somebody else’s work.”… Continue reading Current Sensibility

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Taking Things Away = More Gained

We started our own "Big Dig" in our backyard since I last posted and I knew it would be a lot of work - but I had no idea how truly large our yard would seem once we removed everything from it.  My friend Joyce happens to be a Landscape Architect and she's been helping… Continue reading Taking Things Away = More Gained

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7 Colorado Artists to Watch (and buy from!)

We are going to start tearing up our dense jungle of a backyard this week and I feel excited but nervous.  Excited that the long local nightmare (our yard) is over and nervous because maybe I am just a terrible gardener and once we get things looking nice, it will revert back to a jungle… Continue reading 7 Colorado Artists to Watch (and buy from!)