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Images to Stave Off Thoughts of the End of the World

It's the driest Spring on record in the Denver area and we've been having these incredibly dangerous windstorms. It seems like every other day the National Weather Service is telling me there's a Fire Weather Advisory for my locale. Fire Weather. I'm a big fan of climate fiction and I just started a booked called… Continue reading Images to Stave Off Thoughts of the End of the World

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Current Sensibility: Prairie Meadows & Patterns

It is spring here in the Colorado Rockies and we've yet to have a big spring snowstorm but I'm sure it's in the works. I've been worrying over our front yard which is a giant slab of dirt with a little bit of sticky straw holding on to it for effect. Last fall, I scattered… Continue reading Current Sensibility: Prairie Meadows & Patterns

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An Inbalanced Life and an Appreciation of Mundane Moments

Women and men like to talk about a life/work balance. It seems to be something that everyone thinks someone else has figured out. I'm in other people's homes a lot because of what I do for a living and I will say I've never seen or felt this balance in another person's life and I'm… Continue reading An Inbalanced Life and an Appreciation of Mundane Moments

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Bon Hiver!

Good wishes to you on Christmas Eve's Eve. It's cold and bright in Colorado and I wouldn't mind a little bit of snow for Christmas Day. I've been thinking even more about home this year than normal. Home can be so comforting and relaxing yet also confining and boring - just depending on the hour… Continue reading Bon Hiver!

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Imperfectly Perfect: Design Inspiration

"I’ve never felt comfortable looking perfect or being perfect. My taste is weird and I couldn’t make a perfect room if I tried.” Jenna Lyons I am excited about interiors that give me a feeling for the person or family that lives in the space. I think perfect rooms and perfect homes don't exist in… Continue reading Imperfectly Perfect: Design Inspiration

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Current Sensibility: Decorating During the Pandemic

After having been at home now for almost a full month - I am craving color, pattern, more art, more books, more of everything! Before the pandemic, when I would be home for a length of time, my instinct would be to purge, to get rid of things, to pare down to the essence.  I… Continue reading Current Sensibility: Decorating During the Pandemic

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Staying Creative During the Pandemic

I've been quiet on the blog and Instagram since the pandemic.  The abrupt change of life has been very hard to process and I've been watching and listening as people express their denial, their grief and their anger.  I think because it's a gray, snowy day here in Denver, Colorado I'm experiencing some of that… Continue reading Staying Creative During the Pandemic

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Current Sensibility: Kitchens for People Who Don’t Have Time to Cook

I design kitchens for a living and I have not had time to properly prepare a meal for myself and my family in quite a while.  I bought myself an Insta-Pot as an early Christmas present and, for better or for worse, I've been using it like it was the last appliance on earth.  I'm… Continue reading Current Sensibility: Kitchens for People Who Don’t Have Time to Cook

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Current Sensibility: Creativity and Free Time

Self-reflection is not enjoyable.  At the end of this unnamed decade, I find myself wanting to reflect, consider and plan for the next decade but, ironically, I first need to carve out the time from a tortured work/life schedule.  I've added so many layers to my life with work, the podcast, family time and health… Continue reading Current Sensibility: Creativity and Free Time

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Opt Out: Happy Thanksgiving!

I've posted this blog post on the week of Thanksgiving for the past four years and my feeling is the same so I will run it again.   Almost every blog and online article I read has tags and links for where I can buy product.  I am weary of the fevered "Buy Me" presence… Continue reading Opt Out: Happy Thanksgiving!