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6 Kitchens with a Vintage Vibe

It's snowing in the Denver area today and I am feeling hopeful. I just communicated with a client about purchasing outdoor furniture (time to start looking!), I've been eyeballing online seed catalogs and dreaming about being a better gardener. This is the time of year when I turn into someone who adores gardening. I envision… Continue reading 6 Kitchens with a Vintage Vibe

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Remodeling a Denver Square: A White and Green Kitchen

Happy 2023! It's a cold and snowy start to the year in Denver. Our daughter just started to drive and I wish she started driving in the dry summer months to gain some more road experience, but, as with most things, it's not up to me. I learned how to drive in snow from just… Continue reading Remodeling a Denver Square: A White and Green Kitchen

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Decorating Home Bars

Happy November! Just like clockwork, my inbox is getting "Best of 2022" emails, end of year round-ups and other farewell 2022 missives. We are quick to say goodbye, let's wrap up and let's move on. Louis L'Amour wrote: “There will come a time when you believe everything is finished; that will be the beginning.” What… Continue reading Decorating Home Bars

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Classic White Kitchen with a Twist

Every year, I get wrapped up in a cinematic idea of Fall. Those Hollywood images and feelings intertwine with my own, much less picturesque, memories and feelings and I experience a let down. Spring always lives up to it's promise, but in Fall the days just get darker and darker and the Halloween decorations gets… Continue reading Classic White Kitchen with a Twist

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A Dramatic Black & White Kitchen

School has started again out here in Colorado and I wonder when did it change to going back in early to mid August? When I was a kid it was always the day after Labor Day and I relished those last weeks of August when it was still hot and the days were still long.… Continue reading A Dramatic Black & White Kitchen

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Before & After: Littleton Ranch Home Remodel

We recently wrapped up a remodel of a kitchen and living area in a beautiful ranch home near Old Town Littleton. The remodel was one of the smoothest I've been on EXCEPT for the lead time on the double ovens. Some appliance brands have lead times for over a year right now. As a word… Continue reading Before & After: Littleton Ranch Home Remodel

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Kitchen Design: A British Invasion

I've been slowly reading/savoring a coffee table book called May I Come In by Wendy Goodman. It's a book with interiors that she's photographed from the past 30 years and it reminds me of the feeling I would get from thumbing through a House & Garden back in the days before Instagram and Pinterest. As… Continue reading Kitchen Design: A British Invasion

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Before & After: A Mountain Modern Kitchen in Morrison, Colorado

Mountain modern rolls off the tongue really well but I'm not sure what I expect when I hear those words. I think modern has a lot of different possibilities but when I think "Mountain Home," I think wood grain. I'm a big fan of wood planks, wood floors, wood tongue & groove - give me… Continue reading Before & After: A Mountain Modern Kitchen in Morrison, Colorado

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Seeking Comfort in the Fall of 2020

I usually love Fall and all that comes with it, but this year I am not in the mood. I hung up our vintage Snoopy Halloween flag, dusted off my hands and retreated back into the home to sneak another Reese's Peanut Butter Cup. I'm a little depressed and lethargic. The pandemic is dragging on,… Continue reading Seeking Comfort in the Fall of 2020

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Reimagining the Denver Square

“Give me an old house full of memories and I will give you hundred novels!” ― Mehmet Murat Ildan This 1908 home is situated adjacent to City Park, Denver's largest park and one of the city's oldest urban spaces. When I first walked into this home, it had been partially gutted and I felt the age of… Continue reading Reimagining the Denver Square