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The Island Life: Adding rustic to charm to your kitchen

rustic table
Rustic Provencial working table (Source)

This week I keep being drawn to the rustic open table used as a Kitchen island.  Very French Provence and very American Farmhouse – it adds a casual, rustic look to a kitchen that’s hard to beat.  You can spend as little or as much as you want on this to get the look.


open island
A less rustic open island (via Instagram)
Great rug too (Source Unknown)
A more affordable looking piece (Source)
baskets on island
Chunky baskets…(Source)
butcherblock island
Love this butcher block top (Source)
farmhouse island
A kind of cobbled together piece for an American Farmhouse style (Source Unknown)


srgambrel island
Classic look from Stephen Gambrel
open island french
Love this classic French open island with the huge basket for root vegetables (Source Unknown)

If you don’t really have room for an island in your kitchen, try putting an open shelved, or leggy table in the space to give it more of a rustic, “I’m living in Provence” vibe.  And if you find an affordable place to buy one of those large rustic baskets please let me know…





3 thoughts on “The Island Life: Adding rustic to charm to your kitchen”

  1. I enjoyed your presentation of Rustic Kitchen’s immensely! Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience.

  2. I have a large, sturdy market basket with leather handles bought in Provence, France in 1999. It is just now starting to show wear, and it is my main carrier when going to the grocery. Practical and made to use and last. If someone finds the large basket you desire, get two and let me know !

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