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One Easy Way to Add Style to Your Casual Dining Area

The double chandelier!  Look how “right” it looks in this casual dining room.  One would have been fine, maybe a tad small, but two?  Perfect and I always enjoy the choice of the crystal in a non-formal setting.  (Source)

When to use it?  Try two chandeliers if your room needs a little more of an architectural punch or a little more drama.  Two chandeliers are typically a more formal, traditional look that I think people tend to shy away from with our less formal lifestyles.  I love that most of my clients are trying to “de-formalize” their dining rooms and create dining atmospheres that are more inviting and comfortable and less “precious”.  In doing so, however, I think some rooms lose a little style.  One great way to add more style to a casual dining room is with two chandeliers.

Industrial chic dining
For a modern farmhouse look – try two barn style pendants.  I like this look for a kitchen dining table. (Source)
I like Barn Light Electric for their industrial chic pendants. This one would look great doubled up over a kitchen dining area with a farmhouse table! (Wesco Copper Vented Warehouse Pendant)
I like the lanterns in this room a lot despite there being a few odd things about this room that I can’t quite figure out (one being that I think that’s an upside down cowhide thrown over the table). Lanterns are great for creating an indoor/outdoor feel in your room. (Source)
two lanterns dining
Another two lanterened dining room. In addition to the already casual and outdoorsy vibe they bring lanterns are usually taller than they are wide making them an especially good choice for doubling up. (Source)
industrial scandinavian
This table and bench setup is a little odd – but I love the idea! I call this look Industrial Scandinavian… (Source)
bronze pendant
Quite affordable and chic from World Market – (Bronze Round Twisted Wire Pendant Lamp)

What should you be careful of?  1. Try to make sure your chandeliers aren’t too large for the table and the space.  Cut out an approximate width of the chandelier in cardboard and have someone hold them both up so you can see what they look like.  I could have posted quite a few double chandelier images of what not to do, but I like to keep it positive, so I won’t.  You’ll know it when you see it.  2. This probably goes without saying, but two chandeliers go best with a rectangular or oval table.

planks and beams
Great ceiling and a very nice choice to hang two fixtures instead of one.  Something to note: if you’ve got a great fireplace or feature behind your table, or you are fond of tall flower arrangements, hang your double chandeliers higher than you normally would for just one.  (Source)
midcentury with eames
This room leans towards the spare and the two interesting light fixtures really amp up the style. And yes, it is a glorified ad for the Eames chair…as if Fraser didn’t do enough for that chair in the 90’s! (Lighting Source)
etsy chandelier
For an affordable “replica” of the Chandelier in the room photo – here’s a cool shop on Etsy that sells custom versions! (Sazerac Stiches)

“Style is a Luxury, and luxury is simply what makes you happy.” – Deborah Needleman from The Perfectly Imperfect Home 











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