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A Denver Renovation: Before and During Photo’s

I’ve had a busy week that included Jury Duty and a sick child so I thought I would share some quick Before and During photo’s of a renovation project in Denver that’s being wrapped up this month.  I included some renovation photo’s of this project last year in a blog post “Denver Renovation: Carving More Space for Family Time” if you want more back story on the project.

denver renovation
We had originally thought of opening up part of the brick area and including some shelves.  The cavity was not as roomy as we had hoped, so this idea had to be scrapped.  I was actually glad that it went away – I like the cleaner look for this home.
denver interior designer
Do you see the patterned cement tiles laid out?  When you specify a patterned tile to go around a fireplace, you’ll need to meet with the installer to go over where the tile gets cut.  Guaranteed they won’t add up to the same width and heighth as the opening – there will be cuts!!
patterned tile fireplace
Tile is up!  The installer did a beautiful job.  We had a limited space – there’s a mantel and a television being hung up after this.  Math and pencils are your friend.  Also note, we moved the sliding door that used to be next to the fireplace and put in a window in the same opening.  This helped give more room to the seating area.
before and after ranch house
BEFORE: The opening here led to a guest room.  The bar area on the right is a kitchen pass-through.
denver remodel
The sliding door has been moved and the guest room now has a door.  The barn door was made custom by a local craftsman to match the new hardwood floors.  Skylights were added to take advantage of the natural light – adding light fixtures to this type of ceiling was problematic so we added sconces to the room and two skylights.  The kitchen’s new peninsula is in the foreground.


remove kitchen wall
BEFORE: There were lots of funny wall cutouts between the family room and the rest of the home.  I don’t know about you, but I’d almost rather there just be a wall rather than what looks like a drive-thru window.  Taking out all of this did require the strength of a steel beam – we encased it in alder stained dark to match the floor.
denver kitchen design
This is almost the same view – you can see all the way into the kitchen and dining room from the family room now.  During the process we added some built-in cabinets to the front of the peninsula to store toys and games.  Later on, with the advice of the cabinet maker, we demolished a small wall at the right (where the refrigerator used to be) to better showcase a built-in china cabinet.
colorado made cabinets
Kitchen elevations of the project used early on to communicate to the cabinet maker and the client for layout and design.
colorado custom kitchen cabinets
Here’s an initial sketch idea used to communicate to the client before construction started.
denver interior
And almost there… I will share some finished photographs next month and talk about colors and finished used!



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