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Potting Shed Inspiration: 10 Garden Sheds to Get You Ready for Spring

The weather in Colorado has been unbelievably gorgeous the last few weeks and I have an incredible case of Spring Fever in February (whoops).  Do you have a potting shed?  We have an old one that came with the house – it could be really cute if I spend a little bit of money and a little bit of time on it – but that’s always the case, isn’t it?  I get a feeling similar to looking at an artist’s studio when I see real, working potting sheds or greenhouses.  I can smell the dirt and the possibilities.  Here are 10 gorgeous garden sheds to help you catch my Spring Fever – hopefully my fever won’t be completely crushed by March and April snows…

potting shed brick floor
Adding a greenhouse to an existing structure is a fairly easy way to add a little garden room. I love the brick floor and the timbers along with pretty much everything else… (Source)
vine covered potting shed
Vine covered with a hint of a secret garden! (Source)
dried herbs potting shed
I love the place for drying herbs and the lattice windows – this one looks as if it’s right in between seasons. (Source)
Brick and gravel potting shed
Brick and pea gravel floors look great – I love the messy, worked-in look of this. (Source)
White Potting Shed
My potting shed also has a roof like this, and there the similarity ends…This is adorable. (Source)
white victorian shed
This looks like one cobbled together from various windows and doors – it’s lovely! (Source)
Simple potting shed
Here’s a really simple shed that looks newly placed – really cute and in a few years even cuter. (Source)
white interior potting shed
An all white interior – looking fresh and ready to go. (Source)
Rustic potting shed
A quaint, rustic and earthy shed possibly made from some reclaimed materials – lovely! (Source)
Simple greenhouse
Ahh – simple and easy to put up and I bet it smells great in there.  (Source)
cat in a pot
Spring is coming. (Source)




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