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October Obsessions: Rustic Minimalism, Serge Mouille and In the Company of Women

Industrial, rustic and minimal (Source)

1. Rustic Minimalism: I am increasingly drawn to a style that I would loosely call rustic minimalism. There’s something so beautiful to me about simple materials plainly used.  For me, the take away from this style is that editing helps you see the space better.  Take away things – look at the envelope of your home; if it’s lacking interest and beauty, try to improve it.  If the room is lovely with nothing in it, just keep a few beautiful, comfortable and functional objects in it and see how that feels.  This is incredibly difficult for me, I’m a person who adds layers compulsively, perhaps this is why I’m drawn to these minimal, yet warm interiors.

Rustic, yet sleek bathroom – an interesting juxtaposition of materials. (Source)
Lovely, minimal kitchen with rustic and industrial elements (Source)

2. Serge Mouille Wall Sconce:  Mouille designed these refined beauties in the 1950’s and although they are minimal, they have a graceful and dramatic presence.

The Serge Mouille 2-Armed Wall Sconce – elegant, expensive and French (Source)

I would love to see one of these sconces in a kitchen.   I don’t know why, but the I.Q. of a room goes up when I see this lamp – it’s the equivalent of wearing a nice pair of glasses – the room just looks smarter.  Mouille has other types of this fixture, but the 2-armed sconce is my particular favorite.  They have a price tag that reflects their classic French, mid-century pedigree – over $5,000.00 but just like a lot of things, there are “in the spirit of’s” available, like this one from France & Sons:

Mouille Style 2-Armed Wall Sconce – affordable and gorgeous! (Source)

3.  Books:

In the Company of Women by Grace Bonney (Source)

Grace Bonney (the founder of Design Sponge) has a fantastic new book out – it’s all interviews with creative, female entrepreneurs of all races, ages and backgrounds.  As a creative, female entrepreneur myself – this book spoke to me in a way that most business type of books don’t.  I felt an immediate kinship and understanding with the different women and found it interesting that a majority of them gave the advice, which I would give the same to anyone who asked, of “Take a business class”.  I find it hard to be a creative person running a business – my brain likes to shut down when anyone starts talking “business-y” around me; it’s quite pathetic.   The women interviewed in this book had unique takes on being artistic, running a business, doing things their own way and just plain doing the work.  I found it quite inspiring and the workplace photo’s and portraits (many by the incredibly talented photographer Sarah Israel) are fantastic also.

Linda Rodin, Stylist and Beauty Entrepreneur (Source)
Danielle Colding, Interior Designer (Source)
Fay Andrada, Jewelry Designer (Source)







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