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New Year and a New Resolve

Sylvia focusing on the details and surrounded by the grand gesture. (at Zion National Park over Thanksgiving break this past year)

Do you guys create New Years resolutions?  I wasn’t raised by parents who did – I have a feeling they think it’s silly and that you should try to be the best person you can be every day, not just when a new year rolls around, but I’ve never confirmed this with them.  When I was living in NYC I was influenced by a friend of mine I admire, who told me her New Years resolution was to wear more lipstick.  This type of resolution is something I can wrap my brain around.   One, it’s attainable.  Two, it’s completely frivolous.

I think because I was raised by un-frivolous parents, I am fairly earnest about working hard and being kind to others.  The idea of a completely silly resolution appeals to me.  This year, brace yourself, my goal is to dress better.  I know, it’s a life and world changing goal and how on earth am I going to achieve this by myself?  Don’t feel bad about yourself and your goals when you think about what I’m up to.  Honestly though, shopping for clothes sucks the life out of me.  I would like to buy less, shop less and make better clothing decisions.  There – you see, there’s some sustainability and frugalness wrapped into my frivolous resolution.

The usual things that people make yearly resolutions about, diet and exercise, are things I tackle on a daily basis.  A year is way too much for me to think about – dinner tonight and a walk are something that my brain can understand.  What do you guys do about this?  Do you think the yearly resolution works better for you than daily decisions?  Or, are they really one and the same?

One last thought about resolutions – I think they can easily turn into wish lists and that’s all they ever will be.  Wishes are easy, taking action and making changes isn’t easy.  I would also like to speak up more this year on things that are important to me.  Small and big things.  Kind of like the photo I posted at the top of Sylvia looking at small things while surrounded by a landscape of enormous beauty.  If we can each speak up about the small things, life could be better.  But we also need to occasionally step back and look at the big picture.

Happy New Year to you – what are you working on this year?

Zion National Park in the rain over Thanksgiving. It was muddy and cold, but so worth it.



4 thoughts on “New Year and a New Resolve”

  1. Like you, my parents never really had much to say about New Years Resolutions. I think every year I would make one about diet and exercise but never stuck to it because I start a new diet about every Monday lol. So like you, I wanted to reach an attainable goal, regardless of how simple it is. I’m still in the thought process but I have a couple in mind that I might put a stamp on as my goals for this year!

    1. Maybe the media makes me think most women create resolutions – there’s a lot of goofy articles with yoga panted women looking out over cliffs. Congratulations on getting married by the way!!

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