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Kitchen Cabinet Trend: 6 Kitchens with Slab Front Cabinet Doors

Since you asked, my favorite kitchen cabinet door is the shaker door.  In general, I’ve never been a fan of flat front cabinets in a kitchen due to the cheap craftsmanship of most of them when they were briefly popular in the 80’s.  However, I’m currently working on a mid-century modern style kitchen and I’m looking at a variety of slab front cabinet doors.  Just like when you were younger and learned a new word, I’m seeing slab front kitchen cabinet doors all the time!   I love minimal interiors and the flat front doors really nail that look.  Here are a six unique kitchens with this type of door that have been inspiring me this month:

In addition to the soft, wood grain on the cabinets, I love the green brick for texture and the white counter with the white backsplash is lovely! (Source)
Love this little wooden box of a kitchen in a new development in New York called Hudson Woods. (Source)
black minimal kitchen
Sleek, black minimal kitchen. (Source)


Very simple slab front cabinets with concealed hardware.  Those exterior doors are amazing… (Source)
Simple white cabinets paired with natural oak – so simple and pretty.   Yet another amazing exterior door also.  I wonder if they ever worry about squirrels.  (Source)
If your minimalism has a yearning for a touch of traditionalism, have your slab front panels inset into the face frame of the cabinet like the ones above and then use traditional hardware. (Source)




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  1. Best blog yet, and perfectly organized, for quick find of what I may be interested in for my own house.

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