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Swedish Kitchen Cabinet Design: Kitchen Inspiration and Thoughts on February

Happy mid-February!  When I lived in New York City and Maryland, February was generally a miserable little month that consisted of cold, icy weather with low clouds and no signs of spring.  Out here in Colorado, it’s really not that bad of a month.

However, due to this warm-ish weather, late last week my dogs got sprayed by a skunk…  It was the neighborhood skunk that walks funny and has the nickname of Larry (given to it by my daughter and her friend).  It happened around 9:00 at night when the boys went out for their late evening constitutional.  I ran around like crazy and was very dramatic about it (Sylvia and I were home alone).  At one point I dumped an entire bottle of apple cider vinegar on both dogs and I also decided to douse Charlie in ketchup.   He promptly shook it off and it turned our bathroom into a crime scene.  So…that was fun.  I learned what to do for next time there’s a skunk problem and a pro-tip for you would be to take care of yourself first:  change into old clothes and get gloves on before taking care of the animals.  Also, have hydrogen peroxide and baking soda on hand.  Good times!

This week I wanted to share some gorgeous Swedish kitchen cabinets with you from a place called Kitchen and Beyond.  They remind me of the classic English kitchens that are really popular right now as well as the work being done by the talented Jersey Ice Cream Co.  Also, here’s a nifty review site that I keep meaning to pass along – this one would be helpful if you’re shopping for kitchen faucets:  Enjoy the kitchens – I find them inspiring!

warm gray kitchen
Handsome! I love the dark wood island and the pale, wide plank floors. (Photo source)
hood over island stove
I don’t usually like a big hood over an island , but this one is pretty spectacular! (Photo Source)
brass rail for hanging pots
I like the brass rail for hanging up the everyday pots. I like how this is tucked away to the side rather than hanging up in the center of the kitchen which can look a little messy if you’re not careful. (Photo Source)

tiled stove niche

Tiled stove niche
I LOVE the retro vibe that this stove niche has. I wish they had turned on the lights more for the photo because I have a feeling it really looks pretty when it’s lit properly. (Photo Source)

green kitchen cabinets

Green kitchen cabinets
I love the touches of dark green in this kitchen and the pale, mossy green on the cabinets. I could see it looking beautiful for all seasons. (Photo Source)

These are just a few of their beautiful kitchens.  This last one may be my favorite.  I like an eat-in kitchen and the windows are fantastic.  It’s funny, I guess if you have those things maybe it doesn’t matter how great your cabinets are!  Good bones are important in homes.

“The most serious charge which can be brought against New England is not Puritanism but February.” Joseph Wood Krutch









4 thoughts on “Swedish Kitchen Cabinet Design: Kitchen Inspiration and Thoughts on February”

  1. Sounds like the “skunk” adventure was a chalenge 😉 Pretty kitchens! Wish i had the space and the higher ceilings some of these need.
    All the best,

  2. In the UK February is a horrible month too. This year more so than normal. A lot of snow and dark nights. I love your kitchen design, Swedish design has always impressed me

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