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Color My World: Color Trends Spring 2018

The weather here in the Denver area has been absolutely gorgeous and I’m itching to start planting some vegetables and flowers.  We have an overgrown and pretty neglected yard that we’ve not done a whole lot to since we moved here a few years ago.  It’s kind of an interesting yard, in that it’s got a touch of the Secret Garden feeling to it with 2 ponds (one working), a bridge, a gazebo and other odd things.  Keep in mind that these words sound a lot more attractive to your mind than they are in real life.  Like when you’re friend tells you that he looks exactly like Brad Pitt and then you see him and the only resemblance is sandy, blond-ish hair.

I am excited to add some raised beds this Spring in a sunny spot in the backyard.  I believe we can start sowing some chard, spinach and other cool vegetables here soon in late March and early April.  Do you have anything different planned for your garden this year?

All these Spring ideas really have me switching gears on what I’m responding to in terms of interior color palettes.  I have 3 clients, independent of one another, who have chosen white oak floors for the homes and I’m absolutely loving the paler wood.  I’ve been seeing a pleasant shift in interior color palettes.  Let’s get our colors on!

white oak wood floors denver
Here’s an install photo I took at a client’s house from a few weeks ago – this is raw white oak paired with large, travertine hexagons. 
pink interior accents
PInk accents with green and terra cotta (Photo Source)
pastel colored garden stools
I love the colors of these new ceramic stools from Anthropologie. (Photo Source)
pale wood interior
Restaurant inspiration: brass, pale blue, green and pale wood. (Photo Source)
pink strawberry pot
I know! Pretty fabulous. Also from Anthropolgie’s new Spring 2018 collection. (Photo Source)
blush pink headboard
This is a little more saturated, but you get the color idea I think. Also, I’m digging the glimpse of that bathroom! (Photo Source)
blush pink headboard
Here’s a new blush pink headboard from West Elm to get your bedroom softened up similar to the inspiration photo.  (Photo Source)
pale interior with plants
More pale wood, mismatched pale chairs with some gray to anchor it. Also, always with plants! (Photo Source)
patterned cement tile denver
I took this photo yesterday at a client’s home. I love the patterned cement tile with the natural, white oak. (Tile from Denver’s The Floor Club)

Are you feeling the vibe yet?

“I used to live in the darkness
Dress in black, act so heartless, but now
I see that colors are everything
Got kaleidoscopes in my hairdo
Got back the stars in my eyes, too, yeah now
I see the magic inside of me”

-“Rainbow” by Kesha








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