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My Search for a Kitchen Faucet: Yes, but is it a good conversationalist?

A few weeks ago I shared my romantic comedy storylines for the kitchen sink. I wish I had similar flights of fancy about the kitchen faucet, but I tend to look at faucets as highly utilitarian.  Utilitarian, yet I do expect them to look like a supermodel.  I think I want my kitchen faucet to be the equivalent of a funny, smart, yet gorgeous, person.   As we all know from real life experience, that’s not such an easy find (aside from you and me, of course).

I was all over the place when I started looking at faucets for my own kitchen.  I have always liked an industrial style faucet like this one from Hansgrohe:

hans-grohe faucet
The Chrome Talis Loop Single Handle Semi-Pro Kitchen Faucet from Hansgrohe (Source)

I love the restaurant kitchen look.  If I had a faucet like this one, I can imagine myself efficiently cleaning pots and pans and stowing them away in a tidy fashion immediately after dinner.

industrial style kitchen faucet
Moen’s Align One-Handle Pre-Rinse Spring Pulldown Kitchen Faucet (Source)

I think Moen’s Align faucet is quite gorgeous – I like the little rectangular on/off handle (this also comes in Matte Black).  I like Moen and specify the brand a lot, especially their bathroom faucets.  I couldn’t even begin to tell you why this faucet didn’t get my full-on consideration though – it’s a really pretty faucet.

I was all set to purchase a similar faucet from Kohler, but I saw it in person at Home Depot and the magnet no longer kept the nozzle in place so it kind of dangled around there in the aisle.  Clearly, that’s not good for anyone and I felt like I had dodged a faucet bullet.

Then and there, I did a complete 180 and started thinking traditional because I also really love the look of a bridge faucet.  Here’s a classic example and one that I like the looks of:

kohler bridge faucet
Kohler’s Artifacts Bridge Kitchen Faucet (Source)

It’s stunning, isn’t it?  There are quite a few bridge faucets out there but I think Kohler’s Artifacts is one of the more elegant faucets and it’s good quality for the money.  I spend a while looking online at bridge faucets.

I even went to good ole Chicago Faucets and thought for a few minutes about this old-school bridge faucet because I read an article about them in Remodelista and, for a hot second, thought that they were an interesting, industrial look before I realized my kitchen might end up looking like a school cafeteria kitchen.

chicago faucet
Chicago Faucet’s Bridge Faucet (Source)

I ultimately decided against a bridge faucet because of the extra ridges that you would need to clean around where they hit the countertop.  I also wasn’t sure I wanted to turn and adjust the hot and then turn and adjust the cool.  I guess what I’m saying is that I’m lazy and I can’t handle a bridge faucet.

I briefly thought about some of my clients favorite faucets.  One is Delta’s Trinsic faucet:

delta trinsic
Delta’s Trinsic Faucet is a big favorite with my clients for bathrooms and kitchens. This is the kitchen version of the faucet.

Delta’s Champagne Bronze finish, above, is really popular now that brass hardware is back in style.  The other faucet that clients love just as much is Kohler’s Purist:

matte black kitchen faucet
Kohler’s Purist Single-Handle with a Pull-out spout
The Purist is striking and simple and it’s available in Matte Black for all you Matte Black fans out there. These are really pretty – why wouldn’t I go with one of these and be done??  Because I see these faucets all day for my work and I just wanted something a little different.

At this point, I had found my perfect (or perfect at that moment in time) kitchen sink – Kohler’s Riverby and wanted something a little old-fashioned to match the sink.   I finally found this lovely faucet:

dxv faucet
The Victorian Kitchen Faucet by DXV

I called one of my favorite plumbing sales reps in town to make sure it wasn’t a dud and once she gave me the green light I stopped obsessively thinking about faucets.  This blog post makes me sound somewhat normal in my faucet thinking but it was a little out of control.  I laid awake at night thinking about faucets.

victorian kitchen faucet
Here’s me holding the faucet on top of the new sink. This is in our kitchen staging area also called the Master Bedroom.

I went with a chrome faucet because I just really like chrome faucets.  Surprisingly, I didn’t overthink the finish.  I like the shine of chrome in a kitchen and they’re usually less expensive which is another selling point for me, especially since I spent more on the sink and faucet than I ever intended.

I love the way this faucet looks with the little turnings on it but I will have to let you know if this faucet is a good conversationalist….












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