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Drifting in Elevators: That Back to School Feeling

It’s back to school time here in Colorado and I’ve been feeling a little adrift.  Dave and Sylvia are back to their routines and my day to day has changed with them.  A lot of my clients are experiencing similar changes right now, and projects that I thought would be going strong by August, are a little slow.  All of this adds up to me feeling a little out of sorts.

I told a friend recently that this time of year makes me feel like I’m in a directionless elevator.  When I worked in New York City, I would sometimes get in the elevator and forget to hit the floor button.  I realize this makes me sound like a space cadet; I have my moments.  With no button pressed, the elevator drifts – it goes towards the middle of the building and kind of sits there and waits.  After a brief moment of waiting, it moves a little bit up and a little bit down.  The motion is usually just enough to startle me out of my peaceful reverie of aloneness into action.  This is the start of the school year feeling – a little directionless, a little peaceful, sprinkled with moments of sheer panic that something very important has been forgotten.

On other notes – our kitchen cabinets were installed!  I was anxious about fitting everything back into them – the items that I took out grew into fairytale proportions.  Apparently they shrink right back down to size when you put them into new cabinets and I have room to spare.  There are empty spaces inside some cabinets and let me tell you – it’s wonderful and I highly recommend it.

I’m not a believer in waiting for the “big reveal” and posts like that annoy me a little bit – we can dive into why that is some other time.  Here are a few “During” kitchen renovation shots to illustrate that homes (and lives) are seldom perfect.

kitchen install process
This is the day after the installer finished up. Counters, backsplash and a few other details remain- but the cabinets look great and more importantly, they hold everything!   Scroll down to see why there’s water all over the floor in the foreground.
bulldog in kitchen
This is Charlie. He likes to walk and drink water at the same time which is one very good reason why we have porcelain tile on the floor in this room.




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