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The Summer of Our Discontent: This Old House Part 6

After living without a sink for about 2 months (felt like 6 months), struggling to install the sink for 2 days (felt like 6 days) we finally got our sink hooked up and functional!  And when I say “we” I mean Dave got our sink hooked up and functional.  I would celebrate but I’m too tired and kind of beaten down by the renovation experience right now.   I’m also bummed to remember that a functioning kitchen sink does not mean the dishes magically do themselves.

cottage sink
The sink and the working faucet. I’m sad to tell you that the dishes don’t do themselves with this new sink.

Other fun facts involving the sink:

  1.  The sprayer is dripping and we’ll probably have to take it apart (again) and possibly return it, but it works.  But it drips.  But it works.
  2. I had the countertop guys drill 3 holes in a row in the new countertop and one hole is not usable because my faucet handle sticks out too much.  Now there will be a plug in the new countertop and I’ll have to have the guys come back out and drill another hole for the soap dispenser.
  3. We could not install the new garbage disposal without tearing out the back of the base cabinet, digging into the plaster wall, and cutting into the drain pipe to lower it.  So – no garbage disposal.  It’s not a huge deal to me, but it felt like a grave injustice at the time.  Dave did not discover that it wouldn’t work until after he had spent hours under the sink installing the disposal that weighed as much as a medium size dog.
  4. We are all having trouble remembering that we have a functioning sink.  I rinsed the celery off in the bathroom sink yesterday.
victorian faucet
Here’s a better view of the functioning faucet and sink – I placed the drain stopper over the hole in the counter….

To our immense relief, the countertops were installed on Friday and we are really happy with them.  We lived with the plywood cabinet tops for about 4 weeks and during this time our coffee pot exploded over them not once, but twice and I was nervous we were going to destroy the cabinets before we’d had time to enjoy them.  I’ll write a post about the countertop selection soon.

This renovation has been hard in ways I did not predict.  It’s been incredibly hot here in Colorado and we barely kept our minds and emotions intact during the 2 months this summer when our AC died and we were in the throes of intense kitchen renovation.  Do you think we’ll have nostalgia for this time?  I wonder.





4 thoughts on “The Summer of Our Discontent: This Old House Part 6”

  1. Did you perhaps think about moving the faucet to the far right hole and then utilizing the middle and left holes for the sprayer and soap? Just a thought. I have seen others do this and while it doesn’t follow the traditional setup, it works and prevents extra holes. Not such a big deal with a large sink, rotating spigot and sprayer. Thank you for sharing your experience. We are planning a kitchen remodel and will be beginning shortly. Your tips are certainly providing plenty of thought starters for my contractor conversations.

    1. We did – but the faucet felt too far away from the middle and the left side of the sink….oh well! My sink stopper does a good job of hiding it right now…. 😦 It’s not the end of the world and really, I’m just grateful for a new kitchen!!! Good luck on your remodel!

  2. Oh my gosh – the washing the celery in the bathroom sink made me burst out laughing. My bathroom sink was completely out of commission for about a month (because my sweet husband tried to fix the slightly leaky faucet that I hadn’t even noticed) and now I’m still forgetting I can use it.

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