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Sunshine on My Shoulders: Site Visits in Fall Snow

We just went through what felt like a record number of overcast days here in the Denver area and  my energy level and my happiness level plummeted like a stone thrown into a still lake.  Cold, gray and dreary in early October is unpleasant, unwelcome and it is causing me to be over-dramatic about everything – including the gray skies.  What do you guys do to boost yourselves up during days like this?  I burn fall-scented candles, light the fire in the evening, have more cups of tea (and coffee) and, this is so typical, eat more carbs.

I feel like I’m filming a sad pilot for the Hallmark channel.

I made a lot of site visits this past week and I thought it might be fun to share some in progress photos of some jobs around town.

chiang mai dragon
Over the summer I talked a client into wallpapering her kitchen in F. Schumacher’s Chiang Mai Dragon – I finally got to see it installed and yes, it is so stunning in person that I would like to drape everything (and everyone) in sight in the matching fabric.   And when I say “I talked” her into it – we gazed at it lovingly together and I said you should really do this and she agreed.
wallpaper in a kitchen
We picked out this color green for this cabinet a few months before the paper.  I love this color with it.
custom pattern hexagons
Why yes, I am wearing winter boots and my winter coat here. This is a custom keystone pattern from DalTile. They have a ton of patterns and colors to choose from – it’s great for vintage style bathrooms or entryways.  The price is decent, you just need to plan ahead.  There’s a long lead time.
lighter wood floors character
More sad winter boots in this shot – but I am loving the lighter, character grade hardwoods. These are candidates for a mountain home.  The bottom two are Hickory and the top is White Oak.
walnut countertop install
An action shot of the guys from Oaktree Woodworks installing a custom, walnut countertop in a client’s new kitchen!  This is a plank style counter as opposed to a more traditional looking butcherblock countertop. Yes, It was sunny this day, but this was taken last Thursday…
Walnut countertop
Here’s the walnut in its walnut glory after oiling. The backsplash goes on after this!
A client put her mother’s collection of brass candlesticks in some cloches. I like this idea.  I love cloches, they instantly elevate whatever is put inside them.  
bird fabric
These colors and these birds float my boat! I saw this at the Denver Design Center recently.  Bird fabric and wallpaper still causes my head to swivel… Fabric is from Lulu DK.

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