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The Lazy Woman’s Guide to Holiday Decorating

Hi dear reader!  I will be appearing in another House Hunters Renovation episode coming up this Saturday!  What great news!  I didn’t get enough of her the first time around.  Now I get to watch her wave her hands around in the air again while she describes to stunned homeowners what she plans on doing to their space.   The episode (Season 14, Episode 9) is called: “Flying into a Renovation” and it airs at 8 pm MT on HGTV this Saturday, December 1st – check your local listings – it’s 10 pm ET/9 pm CT.

Now, back to the regular programming!  I enjoy decorating for the holidays – but I also have a very small home so I have to control myself and ignore my natural tendency to over-decorate everything.  I also don’t have a lot of free time right now to devote to holiday home decoration.  This year, my motto (somewhat similar to Beyonce’s) is to put a wreath on it.  I picked up $4 wreaths at Michael’s (they were $3 when I drove by today and I imagine they will just give you one in a few weeks) and some red buffalo plaid ribbon and hung up some interior window wreaths in the kitchen.  And by hung up – I mean I had Dave hang them up for me and let me tell you – it’s festive, easy and I feel like I accomplished something.  Yes, I do agree with you that a natural wreath would be more tasteful, but they are more expensive.

kitchen with wreaths
My unfinished kitchen (title of my next book) with my very fancy wreaths…

I liked them so much I got another wreath at Target for my china cabinet.

target wreath
Yes, I did hang this one up myself.

Here are a few more inspiration images to encourage you to join me in the Lazy Woman’s (or Man’s) Holiday Decorating.

wreaths in hallway
I love these wreaths dressing up this minimal hallway. (Photo Source)
homemade wreath
I love this DIY wreath with a candle but holy fire hazard. Still, it’s gorgeous! (Photo Source)
simple wreaths white room
Sweet and simple. (Photo Source)
interior wreaths window
I love the way these wreaths look – simple and unadorned. (Photo Source)
interior wreath with ribbon
Here’s a fancier, more formal interior wreath – lovely and I like the color it brings to this wall. (Photo Source)
simple wreath design
Personally, this simple, Scandinavian style wreath is my favorite for interior windows. (Photo Source)



2 thoughts on “The Lazy Woman’s Guide to Holiday Decorating”

  1. So very pretty! I love the look. That said, I am not a minimalist when it comes to Christmas decorating. On an Instagram post this week I likened the scene in my workroom to an explosion of Christmas.
    Congratulations on the House Hunters gig. I will look for it.
    All the Best,

    1. Ha! I am familiar with the Christmas Explosion. We are getting out all the Christmas stuff this weekend and knowing me, there will be holiday vignettes everywhere despite my love for simplicity.
      Have a great weekend,

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