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Rustic Farmhouse Kitchen Design: Products, Furniture and Art

Happy week before Christmas!  Are you still listening to holiday songs?  I had a brief flurry of listening with my family right after Thanksgiving and then it’s been right back to alternative rock and podcasts.  I’ve never been one to drive around listening to Christmas music, but I know a lot of people who are that type of person and I admire the spirit.  I also have an update:  I managed to make a batch of Gingerbread cookie dough this past weekend!  Sound the trumpets!  I didn’t have time to cut them or bake them, but at least the dough is there.  I have high hopes and low expectations: it’s a winning combination.

Here is a list of product information from the House Hunters Renovation episode I was on called “Flying Into a Renovation“.  Here’s an “After” photo to jog your memory:

Rustic farmhouse kitchen small
AFTER:  Photo by Sara Yoder for Laura Medicus Interiors.

rustic farmhouse finish sheet

This is the virtual board I put together at the start of this project.  Texture, warm metals, leather, natural wood and soft white lead the way!

Cabinet Hardware:  For a vintage style kitchen, I like to use different types of cabinet hardware.  For this kitchen, I wanted it to look like it had come together over time.  I looked for a variety of pieces to give it some character.

leather door pullI used leather door pulls at the sink cabinet.   These are “The Hawthorne” by Walnut Studio at $18.00 each.  They feel fantastic.

antique card catalog

I was inspired by antique card catalogs and I wanted the wood in the kitchen to have this feel (without the orange cast).  I sourced card catalog hardware for the corner cabinets.  The vendor I purchased this from for the show is no longer in business – but I found similar library pulls from a store on Etsy called


small kitchen big windows
Here’s a great photo showing the catalog handles, the leather strap pulls and the antiqued oak. (Photo by Sara Yoder for Laura Medicus Interiors)

Lighting:  Recessed cans were not a great option for us for budget and ceiling reasons.  I also wanted a little more “jewelry” going on in this room to keep it from being just another farmhouse kitchen.  I got the brass “Candlestick” pendants from CB2 – but unfortunately they don’t make them anymore.   The homeowner didn’t love them at first – she was going to spray paint them so they’d be less brassy, but after living with them for a month or so fell in love with the way they looked.

I used something very similar to this in lieu of recessed cans.  These come from Beautiful Halo – they have really inexpensive light fixtures but they don’t tend to keep them in stock for very long.  I really like the scalloped metal of this shade.
This is the Bautista 5-Light Chandelier – it’s $260 on Wayfair.  This fixture is over the peninsula.

Art:  I borrowed three original oil paintings from a local artist named Tracy Haines for the final reveal.  You can see two of them in my photos and a third, contemporary piece, hanging in the living room when you watch the show.  Please check out Tracy’s work if you’re looking for something original – I love her landscape style in particular.

Nice Day in Rocky Mountain National Park 18x18x3/4 acrylic/cnv
An original landscape painting from Colorado artist Tracey Haines.  I borrowed this one for the House Hunters Renovation episode….love it!

I also bought and used for the show a few original photographs by my interiors photographer, Denver’s Sara Yoder.

denver photographer
This is a bike path in Denver from photographer Sara Yoder.

Furniture:  I also borrowed a few things for the show from two fantastic Denver area furniture makers.  One maker is Housefish.  They made the planter in my first image – they no longer make this planter, but do check them out.  They have beautiful stuff.

coat rack
The Arbor Coat Rack from Denver’s Housefish.

I also borrowed a few things from New Collar Goods – a Denver area husband and wife team.  You can see the counter stools in my photographs and Robbie, the homeowner, sits in one of their chairs at the end of the show.

Custom barstool denver
I borrowed two of these cute barstools – called the Cheeky Stool from New Collar Goods.

Let me know if there’s something else you are curious about!  It was really cool to be asked back to do another episode.  We filmed the two episodes pretty much back to back and it was helpful to know what to expect with this one.  My anxiety about the whole process was low because I already had a relationship with the producers and knew what to expect in terms of the camera time.  It’s just hard to sit on the finished photos for a year!

If you celebrate, I hope you have a great Christmas.  If you don’t, please enjoy the quiet time without the rest of us yahoos charging around the town.

There is nothing in the world so irresistibly contagious as laughter and good humor.” – Charles Dickens


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