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Denver Kitchens: A Year in Review (Part 3)

Welcome to my last “Kitchens of 2018” post!  (Oh good, I thought she’d never stop sharing these blurry site photos.)  How is your January 2019 experience?  My life feels back to “normal” from the nasty December that I had followed by the chaos of the Christmas holiday.  I’m really enjoying being a part of this book podcast even more than I thought I would.  I’m reading more, I’m selecting better books and I’ve met interesting, bookish people.  I think it’s been healthy for me to branch out from All Interior Design All The Time.

I envy regular people out there who don’t have a design obsession. You probably get to watch a movie without losing track of what’s going on because you’ve been engrossed with the production design for the past 30 minutes.  You probably are able to pass your fireplace mantel like a normal person without stopping to adjust, re-arrange or completely redo the items on the mantel thus losing 15 minutes of your life that you will never get back or be able to account for.

All that neurosis aside – here are the rest of my curated kitchen site visit photos from last year!

gray kitchen with wood
This kitchen was installed in Spring of 2018. Gray cabinets have been in for soooo long that they’re probably “out” right now. This kitchen doesn’t care and makes up for it with the natural white oak floors, windows, plants, dark backsplash and walnut beams.
gray kitchen on magazine cover
This kitchen even made the cover of a national trade publication in December! (From Kitchen & Bath Design News)
kitchen with lots of windows
This is all of us on photography day this past summer setting up. I love the clerestory windows in this room.  You can see these final photos on my website
before park hill kitchen
Before: A small, awkwardly shaped (the kitchen also extends into a little room on the left) with old cabinets that definitely needed to go!
Site visit white kitchen
During: We added a window, knocked down the wall in between the two areas and moved the sink out of the corner!
rustic cottage kitchen
Progress in my own kitchen! We’re have a few more things to do ( we took a break after Thanksgiving) but this kitchen renovation has changed all of our lives in that we will actually hang out here and interact with one another while we cook.
mid-century ranch
This striking kitchen was also installed in the spring and we photographed it at the end of summer. Here’s a shot I took on staging day. This is an interesting space and I’m really proud of the way it turned out.  You can see the final photographs on my website.
mid century ranch kitchen
Some of our styling tchotchkes laid out on the eat-in counter. The windows at the backsplash were a little bit of a challenge in that we had to accommodate the outlets under the upper cabinet.
mid century ranch kitchen
Here’s their sweet boy, Rocky. He passed away shortly after this photo and I’m happy that I got this shot of him – he enjoyed posing.

Have a great rest of your week!  For reasons that I won’t go into here – Sylvia and I have been digging Taylor Swift’s “Mean” this past month – enjoy!



2 thoughts on “Denver Kitchens: A Year in Review (Part 3)”

  1. Aw, sorry about Rocky; he does look sweet. Those are all gorgeous spaces you’ve designed. Heading to your website now to see the rest of the photos.

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