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The Glamorous Chesterfield Sofa

Congratulations to Denver Public School teachers on reaching an agreement after 3 days of striking!  Dave was out there on the picket line in front of his school every morning at 7:00 am and it was interesting to see the process first hand.  The daily organization that’s involved to mobilize large groups of people is tremendous.  The community support for the teachers was moving and it would have been quite difficult without their support.  As I write this, I am grateful for all the unions that have paved the way for us in 2019.  There’s a long history in our country of unionizing and striking for fair wages and decent working conditions.  Walking out of your job, without another job waiting, and vociferously voicing your displeasure isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.   Also, Dave lost his voice chanting union slogans.

dps teacher strike
Here’s Dave in Denver’s Montbello neighborhood where his school is located.  If you saw a crazy guy running with a strike sign, then you might have seen him and, up until yesterday, heard him.

Now, on to more important things like Chesterfield sofas!  I have long loved the Chesterfield sofa.  I think it goes back to my love for Ralph Lauren’s ads from the late 1980’s.  Lauren has been a fan of the Chesterfield and in the late 80’s they were typically styled with stacks and stacks of books, black watch plaid, some florals, a dark oil painting or two and a hunting dog.  In the ads, the leather Chesterfield sofa sat low in a moody, dark environment that, to my young eyes, looked as romantic and elegant as one could get.

The name of the the sofa comes from the Earl of Chesterfield, Philip Stanhope, who according to the London Gallery, was known to be a little bit of a trendsetter.  The story goes that the Earl commissioned this sofa – rolled arms, deep tufting – so that gentlemen could sit comfortably without wrinkling their clothing.   After years of variations on this style of sofa, the Chesterfield ultimately became an emblem for English style which the old Ralph Lauren ads harkened back to when I was a teenager.  Get your riding boots on honey and come lounge with me on the sofa!  Be sure to wear lace and bring that floral pillow your grandmother gave us!  

I’ve always wanted a Chesterfield, but right now in my life I have dumpy sectional that’s usually draped with dogs, blankets and family.  Someday!  Here are some gorgeous interiors starring Chesterfields to inspire you in case you are looking for a sofa.

green leather
How sweet is this green leather Chesterfield? This makes the Chesterfield look positively boho.  (Photo Source)

beat up chesterfield

books and a chesterfield
Books and a Chesterfield sofa go together like lemons and butter.  (Photo Source)
library chesterfield
Comfortable, lived in and cultured.  (Photo Source)

ralph lauren chesterfield

green velvet chesterfield
This is kind of cool – green velvet seat with leather sides! It looks kind of Texas cool to me.  (Photo Source)
yellow chesterfield
A lovely yellow leather Chesterfield from an old Anthropologie ad.
distressed leather sofa
A distressed leather Chesterfield in a Barcelona loft.  These sofas get better with age. (Photo Source)
A more feminine looking environment for the Chesterfield, but still with books! (Photo Source)


chesterfield sofa retail store
This is a shop – but look at the texture and respectability this Chesterfield brings to the room! I could do without the alligator head though… (Photo Source)
chesterfield chair
The Chesterfield Chair looking stunning in an all white environment. (Photo Source)
dave running
Still have to get your run in while you strike.

“We’ll hold this line until Hell freezes over — Then we’ll hold it on ice skates.”  Anonymous, picket sign


2 thoughts on “The Glamorous Chesterfield Sofa”

  1. Yay for Dave! Yes, going out on a limb for better pay and work conditions can be a scary proposition in these tumultuous days. People who do have my utmost respect.
    That said! Yes, yes, yes– I love Chesterfield sofas. It was what i really wanted when we moved into this house, but my budget and the need to compromise with my partner on furnishings and such prevented it. I saw a teal colored one at the used furniture store recently and my heart almost stopped. However, it needed work and I new I couldn’t negotiate a change of couch when the one I have is only two years old. I can dream though.

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