Current Sensibility

Current Sensibility

Denver Street Photography
Denver Street Photography by Denver Photographer Kevin Mohatt

Street Photography I love street photography and this caught my eye recently by Denver photographer Kevin Mohatt.  I am fascinated by an unplanned, un-staged moment caught in time.  The great photographer and artist William Klein once said, “Be yourself. I much prefer seeing something, even if it is clumsy, that doesn’t look like somebody else’s work.”  Great advice in general, not just street photography.

black and white street photograph
Denver Street Photography by Denver Photographer Kevin Mohatt  

Still Obsessed with this Echo Park Cabin: Leanne Ford, I can’t quit you.  Lana Del Rey recently bought the designer’s rustic, vintage, perfectly imperfect cabin in California.  I feel like I have spent years looking at this and it’s still not old.  One other weird detail with my designer crush is that I have yet to watch an episode of her show – Restored by the Fords.  In general, I don’t like decorating shows but I may have to make an exception.

rustic vintage cabin
Perfectly imperfect by Leanne Ford. (Source)

Simplicity in Design:  I struggle a little bit with clients on this.  Most people want me to add more:  more accent walls, more accent tile, more decorative stuff – it doesn’t matter what it is, it’s the word “adding” that gets me.  The more you concentrate on the bones of the room, the less stuff you need  to add.  Small strips of decorative material and pillows that match the drapes are not all they’re cracked up to be.

simple white oak staircase
This staircase is amazing. Simple yet complex lines, soft colors and textures and nothing else to distract you from the lines and movement in the space. (Source)
soft blue gray kitchen
I love the soft color of these cabinets with the unadorned wall. Look at the drama those blank pendants add to this very calm space! (Source)

Small amounts of clear, crisp COLOR:  As a nation, we had a collective navy blue moment that really reached it stride in 2015 and is still lingering.  I am tired of navy blue in the way that a child gets tired of brussel sprouts.  Navy blue paired with other colors?  Yes, bring it on!  I know that green is haled as the new navy and I’m afraid that will just turn into another brussel sprout for me.  As a design nation, I think we need to learn to mix colors.  But, maybe that doesn’t sell pillows and paint.

Preppy bedroom
I love this simple, a little bit preppy, bedroom. (Source)
green pink blue bedroom
I like the mix of light colors here and the undone, easy look to the small gallery wall. (Source)

I think design and decorating are easily overthought and it can turn into a space that’s overly precious or a space with absolutely nothing in it because you’re paralyzed by indecision.  Some people need a “Just do it!” mantra and others need a “Don’t do it!” mantra.

Health Insurance for Small Business Owners:  I have nothing nice to say here so I shouldn’t say anything at all BUT I just spent over an hour on hold and also speaking with various schedulers and insurance providers and it’s a mess and it’s somewhat humiliating.  In order to take care of yourself you have to be incredibly persistent.  I worry about those who just give up on it altogether.

Scratch-Off Posters:  Have you seen these?  I just saw these posters this week and had to laugh at the Women of Letters Scratch-Off Chart.  I would like to hear from the woman who diligently scratches these off!

women author posters
Here’s a view of the poster – you can scratch off each little portion as you read that author. I just wish it would have a smell associated with each writer. For instance – Margaret Atwood might smell like repression and rosewood and I imagine Zadie Smith smelling like Jasmine for some reason. (Source)

“If teardrops could be bottled
There’d be swimming pools filled by models” – Billie Eilish, “idontwannabeyouanymore










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  1. Another beautiful post! I am especially in love with that simple, calm staircase, perfection.

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