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Current Sensibility: Kitchens for People Who Don’t Have Time to Cook

I design kitchens for a living and I have not had time to properly prepare a meal for myself and my family in quite a while.  I bought myself an Insta-Pot as an early Christmas present and, for better or for worse, I’ve been using it like it was the last appliance on earth.  I’m sure there are gourmet, delicious meals you can make in these, but I’ve just been dumping bags of lentils, opening up cans of tomatoes and robotically dumping vegetable stock into mine like I’m on day two of a 48 hour shift.  I like to add rice the next day to extend it and then just sit back and listen to the crowd roar.

I know I’m not the only working mom out there who looks at making dinner during the work week as another chore to get done because, for the most part, these are my clients.  I am privileged to work with smart, funny and hardworking women who open their door to me – invite me into their kitchen and talk to me frankly about how they cook (or don’t cook) for their family.  They let me open their cabinet doors, they show me their work day kitchen counter clutter, they point out the sample patch of paint they’ve had on their wall since the second baby was born and they make me feel normal and at peace with my busy life.  Yes, some people are clean and uncluttered but I’ve noticed that they aren’t any happier or less happy than the people who run messy most of the time and sometimes the reason it’s clean and uncluttered is that they have cleaning people in every week.

I help busy people create beautiful kitchens with the goal of creating a space to hang out in, do homework in, laugh with family, eat take out and then also, to cook in.  A kitchen who’s sole function is primarily dinner, is missing what it’s like to live in 2020.  It’s missing how busy modern life is and how much we crave time together or even time alone in a comfortable, beautiful space where we can listen to music, laugh, make a mess, dump things into an Insta Pot, attempt a 4 course meal and order pretty much anything you desire from your phone.  Don’t think other people have it all figured out.  What I’ve learned is that it’s not “figure-out-able.”

Here are some kitchens that are floating my boat right now.  What do they have in common?  They aren’t white!  I still like white kitchens, but I’ve jumped onto the color bandwagon and it’s pretty exciting over here.

green kitchen cabinets
Quite a few things to admire in this luxe-minimal kitchen: bold color choice, unusual island, zero upper cabinets. (Photo Source)
vintage style kitchen
The green walls paired with the blue cabinets is stunning. The table in the kitchen instead of an island is a trend that I’ve been working on with clients but have had no takers yet! (Photo Source)
vintage style ktichen
Another view of this kitchen because it makes me happy! Look at that brick floor! Look at that chandelier! Check out those shutters!! (Photo Source)
simple kitchen
I like the simplicity of this kitchen. It has a modern vibe but with slight traditional undertones that seem effortless. (Photo Source)
green kitchen cabinets
The high ceilings in this kitchen really add the drama, but I love the peachy walls with this green and how about those floors??!! (Photo Source)
blue kitchen cabinets
I love these tall glass cabinets. They look like they could have been there for 100 years and perhaps will be there for 100 more. Note the mushroom paint on the wide tongue and groove at the back of the cabinet. (Photo Source)
glass cabinets kitchen
More tall glass cabinets! Love the contrast of light and dark here. (Photo Source)

“I’d rather be partly great than entirely useless.” – Neal Shusterman




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