Easy Design Impact? Super size your chandelier!

I’ve been thinking about purposeful, oversized lighting. Intentionally using a light fixture that’s a little too big for the space can look phenomenol. It’s hard to let yourself (or your designer) to supersize it because you know it’s a little off and there’s always a risk that it will look weird. I think there’s an interesting tension in rooms that play with scale. Almost all of the “brand name” designers play with scale – for someone without that budget, or that multi, multi-million dollar home – you can can do this, just use one thing that’s extra large for your big design impact. Dining Rooms, Entries and Bedrooms are great places to incorporate a large piece.

Isn’t this stunning? (Photo Source)
Oversized paper lanterns are an easy, inexpensive look (Photo Source)
I love this table and this giant red lantern. This is from designer Tobi Fairley who has a great podcast for designers called Design You. (Photo Source)
I had to shoehorn in a Leanne Ford home – she plays with scale a lot. (Photo Source)
Kelly Wearstler plays with scale a lot too – how about 2 giant purple chandeliers?? (Photo Source)
Gutsy and fabulous choice! (Photo Source)
Bold, oversized and fabulous! From one of my favorite Interior Designers, Jessica Helgerson. (Photo Source)

If adding a big, expensive light fixture makes you nervous – the easiest way to play with scale in your home is with branches or large flower arrangements.

Stephen Gambrel’s kitchen is one of my favorites. He loves to bring in large flowers and branches and park them on his beautiful antique island. (Photo Source)

He’s brought in a veritable Camellia tree in this case and it looks wild and chic. Love his dog too! (Photo Source)

I read a fantastic, historical fiction book recently: The Rose Code by Kate Quinn about female codebreakers during World War II. Excellent read and I enjoyed talking to her about it – you can hear that on Episode 115 of my podcast, The Inside Flap (also available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify). Happy Spring!


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