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A Dramatic Black & White Kitchen

School has started again out here in Colorado and I wonder when did it change to going back in early to mid August? When I was a kid it was always the day after Labor Day and I relished those last weeks of August when it was still hot and the days were still long. I looked it up and found a variety of reasons that made no sense: 1. We don’t live in a farming society anymore so there’s no reason to wait until after harvest (Makes sense, but doesn’t answer the question) 2. There are so many holidays and teacher days now that’s how the timing worked out. (Some states still start the day after Labor Day so I’m not buying this one either) And my favorite reason: 3. Schools are trying to turn kids into socialists. I corrected the misspellings in that one after I shook my head.

Here are a few photos of a kitchen I completed recently. We did almost the whole home – it was a big remodel with an addition. I’ll post more photos of the rest of the home soon!

This is what (and who) greets you when you enter the front door! (Photo by Jordan Katz; styled by Kristy Oatman for Laura Medicus Interiors)

The floors are white oak with a clear coat. The walls are White Dove by Benjamin Moore which is my favorite white paint. The white oak contrasts really well with the black windows and the black cabinetry. The ceilings are painted Douglas Fir tongue and groove and, when you’re in the space, you can tell they’re real wood which I think helps warm up the all white interiors. The rug that Howard’s on is from Shaver-Ramsey. We planned for art on the wall and added an art light from Visual Comfort. If you plan ahead on walls you know you’ll want to add a piece of art it can really help pull together the look of your space. Plus, you’ll be forced to add something, anything, to keep your art light from looking weird after you move in.

A closer view of the dining area with the dry bar behind. The big brass cone lights are from Visual Comfort. (Photo by Jordan Katz; styled by Kristy Oatman for Laura Medicus Interiors)

The bar behind the dining table has a walnut interior and there’s an ice machine hidden there as well. I think a top status symbol that I can fully embrace is the separate ice maker.

I love all the light in this kitchen. The large windows on the left look out on an outdoor fireplace. (Photo by Jordan Katz; styled by Kristy Oatman for Laura Medicus Interiors)

The upper cabinet doors on each side of the stove all open and retract back so you can access coffee, toasters and even a tv. The interior of these cabinets are walnut so they look fantastic when open. This client is very organized and all of these drawers and cupboards are impeccably laid out, items are decanted and labeled. It’s inspiring and yet I get back to my house and maybe throw out the old box of Raisin Bran that’s been there since the start of Covid.

A view of the island facing the stove. (Photo by Jordan Katz; styled by Kristy Oatman for Laura Medicus Interiors)

The cabinets are Black by Benjamin Moore and are from Sander & Sons. The hardware is from Rejuvenation and the glorious brass faucet is from Rohl. Black cabinets are a kitchen trend that’s coming in hot here in Denver.

Little Howard on the move! (Photo by Jordan Katz; styled by Kristy Oatman for Laura Medicus Interiors)

The cabinets directly behind Howard house a television. The doors retract and the tv pulls out so you can watch a show while you cook or clean up. There are double rows of skylights above the island and when we took the photos the sun was incredibly intense. The client’s teenage son “hopped” up onto the roof with a sheet for us and laid it out.

Here’s a great “during” photo where you can really see the skylights.
Another view where you can see the raw Douglas Fir tongue and groove on the ceiling.
Here’s a great view of the hood before we painted it. It looked fabulous unpainted too!
This house was a joy to visit due to the cutest llamas that live next door. Look at that llama smile!

“Save your drama for a llama because Hollywood is miles and miles away!”

– Timothy Pina, ‘Bullying Ben: How Benjamin Franklin Overcame Bullying’.


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