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Days of Walnut and Marble: Custom Bathroom Vanities

I still see Pumpkin Spice Latte used un-ironically and when I do, I wonder if the writer thinks twice about it? Shudders internally? Or, is it something healthy people with happiness in their hearts still look forward to every Fall? I think of that drink the same way I think of cable knit sweaters – something that’s for someone living in a catalog or sweating in the fake snow of a Hallmark movie. This week, besides my surly attitude, I’ve brought a few more photos of the recently finished ranch home remodel in Colorado’s Greenwood Village.

Guest bathroom vanity! (Photo by Jordan Katz and styled by Kristy Oatman for Laura Medicus Interiors)

This is a gorgeous, custom vanity in walnut in the guest bathroom which doubles up as the husband’s study. When you see vanities like this, remember there’s still plumbing back there so the drawer is U-shaped when you look inside. These are a little tricky to coordinate with the existing plumbing. That is soapstone on the countertop with polished nickel faucets from Rohl, purchased locally from Rampart Supply.

A marble and pink powder room (Photo by Jordan Katz and styled by Kristy Oatman for Laura Medicus Interiors)
Here’s an “action” shot of the making of this vanity.

When you construct a “floating” marble or stone vanity there’s always 2×4’s and/or steel support underneath the stone. The stone fabricators miter the front edge of the stone so that it looks like a solid block. You will see the p-trap underneath countertops like this so make sure you order the coordinating metal p-trap cover if you don’t want to see PVC pipe.

Here’s a cute photo I took that shows the plumbing and the marble top.
A long Carrera marble vanity in progress…

Both boys bathrooms in this ranch home are almost exactly alike. The centerpiece of each is a long, “floating” Carrera marble sink top anchored by a white oak linen cabinet. We added a white oak wood shelf underneath the vanity for extra storage.

Here’s a photo before the shelf was added.

Marble is soft and needs to be sealed with frequency depending on the use and depending on how new you want to keep your marble looking. It’s a beautiful material but it’s not for everyone. I’ve found most of my clients are fairly comfortable with it in bathrooms, but they shy away from it in their kitchen. If you like a patina – go for it! If you want something that looks clean and new all the time – it probably isn’t the right material for you. I have marble in my bathroom and it’s etched and I’m okay with it. I kind of wish I had sprung for it in my kitchen, but I’m not sure how comfortable I am with countertop stains and, maybe more importantly, it was not in my budget.

“Notice that autumn is more the season of the soul than of nature.” Friedrich Nietzsche


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