Holiday Decorating

Pumpkin Vases

In addition to making fantastic candle holders, Pumpkins make an ideal vessel for flowers – just carve out enough space to place a vase inside of them (it could even be an old pickle jar or something equally not fancy) and start arranging!

mini pumpkin vase
Adorable mini-pumpkin vases – these would look great in a group!
Smiling pumpkin vase
This reminds me of a Tim Burton movie – I could picture a houseplant poking out of this too…

Pumpkin flower topiary Time consuming pumpkin topiary’s, but worth it!

Casual pumpkin Vase This one’s more of a casual pumpkin vase but with multiple cutouts.

painted pumpkin

If you’re not feeling the orange – just spray paint it!  White seems to be in this year and chalkboard paint is always a good go to!


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