Tell Me More

A well dressed room should be like a good story – you should always have a “Tell Me More” part.  Your home can be as safe and tasteful as the next person’s home, but if you add just one thing (that’s all I ask, just one) that’s unusual, personal, odd or funny – you have an audience.  Some interiors are almost all quirk and they are delightful, but not everyone can handle that on an everyday basis.  Here are a few interiors that are (for the most part) neutral, simple, tasteful yet they’ve got that Tell Me More to them that I urge all of you to add to your homes.  Here are some tips:

Pug on his bed
Meet Tubby. If your pet is interesting looking enough (no photo-ready Golden Retrievers in other words) – they will add a fantastic Tell Me More factor to your home.
green stool
A Tell Me More example of a pop of color and an unusual shape in the beautiful green accent table.
Red pop
Another example of what a pop of strong color and a sculptural shape will do to another otherwise muted room.
Gold shower curtain
Unusual color and a luxurious looking fabric in an otherwise austere bathroom.
Pattern entry
Pattern in a simple room will liven things up for you in a hurry. If you’re not pleased with your powder room or entry – consider a wall covering or a hand stencil to add some interest.
oversized chandelier
Got a room that might not be very interesting? Put an oversized chandelier in and it will transform your space.
large scale art
Sometimes with art, you don’t need to do much else to a room if you keep it oversized!

Look around a room in your home that you feel needs a little more oomph and think about some of the tricks you’ve seen above – sometimes one thing is all you need to freshen up a room (and no, Tubby is not available for rent).

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