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In Which I Unite Beautiful Objects and Lou Reed

I love these handmade vases and tumblers made by Emily Reinhardt from Omaha.  They are simultaneously chic and retro and would be beautiful with just a single blossom – just as a small vase should.  Her ceramic deli-style tumblers make me want to break out my egg cream soda recipe (add vanilla) that no one but myself seems to like.  She has quite a few beautiful objects to peruse at her shop on Etsy:  The Object Enthusiast.

midnight blue and gold vase

faceted vases

pencil holder6 tumblersWhen I was a young man, no bigger than this
A chocolate egg cream was not to be missed
Some U-bet’s chocolate syrup, seltzer water mixed with milk
You stir it up into a heady fro, tasted just like silk
You scream, I steam, we all want egg cream.

—“Egg Cream,” Set the Twilight Reeling – Lou Reed

A must hear/see fantastic performance: Lou Reed and Elvis Costello performing Set the Twilight Reeling

2 thoughts on “In Which I Unite Beautiful Objects and Lou Reed”

    1. You’re more than welcome – it’s beautiful stuff! I was sorry to hear about Lou Reed as well – what a career he had!

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