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Reduce, Reuse and Dress up Your Kitchen

I’ve always been drawn to incorporating older pieces in a modern kitchen.  This look, popularized many years ago by the English kitchen designer Johnny Grey, has been cropping up more and more in new kitchens.  Here are some great images for inspiration.

Library Ladders
A library style kitchen complete with a ladder – great for a small space that has height.
large piece reuse
If you have a rustic kitchen, or are lucky enough to have a large pantry – utilizing an older storage piece like this has a dramatic effect and is quite serviceable!
Open island
This just has the look of an older island – if you can’t find the piece that you want, consider having one made to look vintage. Purchasing vintage hardware will help complete the look.
Reclaimed doors
Great re-use for antique doors. They probably will not fit your space, but a good carpenter will be able to make them work! Shepton’s Antiques, here in Denver, is always a good source.
Reclaimed island
Another solid mix of old and new – clearly the homeowners haven’t moved in yet – imagine how warm and stylish this will be once it’s lived in!
Reclaimed pieces
This kitchen has a variety of re-used pieces and new; it’s an interesting space and I like the spot for the dog!
reclaimed wall
This kitchen has an entire wall of reclaimed cabinetry. The chandelier adds a touch of elegance to an otherwise rustic space.


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