Current Sensibility

Scratching the Surface of “Reality”

“Northern Shore 2” by Jeremy Miranda

I shared this on Facebook last week, but I keep finding myself coming back to the work of artist Jeremy Miranda.  His paintings are absolutely gorgeous and at the same time there’s something about them that makes me a bit uneasy.  This combination is really appealing to me in art. I was reading something completely unrelated the other morning (Neil Gaiman’s blog if you must know) and he posted an image that, oddly, reminded me of Miranda’s work.  It’s a very straightforward, humorous image that reminds me that life, taken on the surface, is very seldom what it seems.  I think it’s an important thought to hold in many situations you may find yourself in.     As an interior designer, much of my work life deals with “surface” – I like to think that it’s more than that, and sometimes it is.  I think that’s part of what draws me to Miranda’s work.

library with grey sea
“Library with Grey Sea” by Jeremy Miranda

I think that’s what I love about these paintings — life is not always as it seems.  Our efforts at building walls, paving roads, lighting the dark are sometimes a feeble match against nature.

“Homestead” by Jeremy Miranda
re purpose
Re-purpose – Jeremy Miranda
“Oregon Ladder” – Jeremy Miranda

Miranda has prints for sale on Etsy and he’s fun to follow on Instagram.  Here’s the drawing that helped me link my muddled thoughts in this post:

steve parkhouse
Illustration by Steve Parkhouse for Alan Moore’s “Bojeffries Saga”.

“Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!” Frank Baum, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

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