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Paint it, Baby: One Easy Way to Update Your Dining Area

I’m a big fan of the painted wooden dining chair.  If your dining room or kitchen is feeling a bit boring to you – paint your chairs a dramatic color.  It’s amazing what this can do for a room.  Don’t fuss over the fabric too much, just get something neutral and durable.  Do fuss over the paint color choice.  Paint them a color that you think is daring – you can even make it easy and pick out a bold color that’s already in the room and make that your accent.  Check out these painted wooden chairs (I included a link to the source where possible, so check those out too if you have time):

turquoise chairs
This is a bold move even if the back of the built-in wasn’t painted red.
Yellow chinoserie chairs
It can help to have at least one other accessory in the same color as the chairs as this lemony roman blind illustrates.
painted green chairs
This room got more interesting with this unusual color on traditional chairs.
Painted windsor chairs
A great citron color on the classic Windsor chair.
Painted thonet chairs
Thonet chairs look great painted – I love that one chair is different.
gray chairs
Here’s another entry into the “Sorry Sonny, you’re going to have to sit in the different chair” category. It’s an interesting look!
If you have commitment issues, just follow the current trend and paint half the chair. And yes, pastels are back!


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