Children's Rooms, Interiors

Children’s Rooms and Vintage Charm

Simple armoire painted white in a fun, kid friendly home

Armoires, wardrobes, large cabinets – I used to see them in everybody’s living room with a large tv hunkered up inside.  I don’t see them as much anymore and I miss them!  I think they’re perfect for children’s rooms.  It’s an old fashioned way to elegantly tuck things away.  Restoration Hardware, Pottery Barn, etc, they all sell perfectly fitted, expensive armoires for children’s rooms that are nice, but kind of bland in an americanized “french” kind of way.  Why not pick a unique one up at a garage sale, thrift store or Craigslist and fit the interior and exterior for your own needs? I just took a look at my local craigslist and found a bunch – people are still selling their tv and computer station armoires in addition to the older ones that your grandmother might have had.  If you don’t like the wood, just paint it.  If the hardware looks blah, get some new hardware – is one of my favorite places for decorative knobs. It’s a great step towards creating an interesting, eclectic children’s room.  Even if the vintage is circa 2000, an armoire still brings a vintage vibe to an interior.

This one has a really cool paint job – this would be easy to do using painter’s tape.
A very white armoire in a very white room. This Scandinavian color scheme does seem to suit children’s rooms in particular.
Vintage look: with adorable hand painted cat on the wall
Very nice wooden armoire with the doors off which would help in small spaces. It’s nice for kids who forget they have things, but not great if you just want the mess to go away.
Stylish mid-century wardrobe – I love the color added to it!
Pretty armoire with a mirror – I’ve seen some of these where the mirror has been painted with chalkboard paint, but I like the mirror!

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