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Getting Nature Indoors and a Song from the Lumineers

spring branches
Forced bloom Spring branches

It’s time to tromp out in the yard and start clipping – bring the branches in, crack the stems open a bit and place them in some warm water for a bit of early Spring happiness in a vase.  My daughter and I have the annual avocado pit in a glass jar underway:

Avocado pit – or, as it’s been known in my family for years, my Brad Pitt.

We also have wheat grass growing in a fun pot.  Dirt, an interesting pot of any kind, and wheat grass seeds (Health food stores, Home Depot, Lowes, Ace, etc) are you all need.  It’s fun to use unusual containers and also to place things in the grass too – miniature dinosaurs, lego trucks, etc.

wheat grass
Wheat grass in a bowl with pussy willow branches around it make for a very simple, but striking centerpiece. From
Forcing bulbs indoors this time of year is another easy way to liven up your interior.  Plant them in something unexpected like old pieces of china.
growing food
I get a little bored indoors this time of year – so I usually start to try growing plants from food. It’s a fun activity to do with children and I’m always curious to see what interesting plant will sprout out. Click the photo for a great website on this.


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