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Up Your Bohemian Vibe: Five Striking Plants to Consider Hanging Indoors

Fedor van der Volk and one of his beautiful String Gardens.

I’ve always liked hanging plants and I’m delighted that they’re back in style again.  I think because they were so prevalent in the 60’s and 70’s and tended to be a little beaded and macramé-d up that they kind of have a hippy connotation for most people.  Think of a hanging plant as adding a living sculpture to a room.  Just one interesting hanging plant in an attractive planter can up your cultured bohemian vibe an inordinate amount.

vintage hanging teardrop etsy
I love this simple, vintage hanging teardrop planter from a shop on Etsy. This one is holding a String of Pearls succulent.  Etsy, thrift and vintage stores are great ways to find interesting holders.  Most retail stores are carrying stylish hanging planters this season as well.


west elm
Even a simple wire wrapped around a pot is better than the plastic hanging planter from the store, which also tend to drip a lot. You can put your inexpensive draining pot inside a nicer pot with no hole in it to avoid water damage to your home. Just make sure the plant isn’t sitting in water once you’re through.  The pots above are from West Elm.
goldfish plant
This is a great hanging plant with beautiful flowers called the Goldfish Plant (Columnea gloriosa).  This one is a little more finicky than the other plants listed here, so be sure to read about it before purchasing.
string of pearls 2
This is one of my favorites – the String of Pearls plant (Senecio rowleyanus) – it’s a striking plant that needs to be hung to show off it’s unusual shape. It’s not so unusual that you can’t find it in your average plant center, however. Click here for more information on care.
I love this plant – the Twisted Lipstick Plant (Aeschynanthus rasta) – named for its dreads. This is an easy grower and doesn’t mind drier climates. The regular Lipstick Plant is also an easy, very pretty hanging plant – but I prefer it’s twisted sister (had to work that in somehow).
This is an easy to grow, attractive succulent called the Burro’s tail (Sedum morganianum). I think it must photograph well because I see it in a lot of retailer’s ads of late. Click here for more care information.
swedish ivy care tips
Are you looking for a beginner hanging plant? This one is really hard to kill – Swedish Ivy (Plectranthus species) . I tend to like the more interesting looking plants better, but this is a good looking plant and if you are worried you’re going to kill your new plant – give this one a try.  I think it would look great hanging in a breakfast nook.

I saw some beautiful hanging ferns for sale at the grocery store the other day which reminded me of a great scene in Steve Martin’s The Lonely Guy.  It’s a scene I typically think about when I consider buying a hanging plant.  Charles Grodin’s character convince’s Steve Martin’s character to buy a fern to have around as friend to watch football games with and generally hang out.  Here’s a clip from the scene with Martin and Grodin:  The Lonely Guy: Buying a Fern.


Charles Grodin and Steve Martin in a clip from the 1984 movie The Lonely Guy










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