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Someone Lives Here: 5 character driven kitchens to inspire you.

I want to share a few kitchens that have inspired me recently.  Most of them are ones that you might never see in a design magazine – definitely not in a kitchen design magazine that is out to sell cabinets and products.  These kind of kitchens have clearly evolved from time: time spent cooking and cleaning in them, eating in them and thinking in them.  Is there a common thread other than the fact that I keep coming back to take another look?  Yes, I think they all have a uniqueness of character – someone lives here.

The unusual kitchen of designer Lorraine Kirke.  Click on the image for a link to the article and more images.
steven sclaroff kitchen
Designer Steven Sclaroff’s West Village kitchen.  Click on the image for a link to Steven’s inspiring portfolio.  And yes, that is a price tag on the chair in the foreground…
I can picture this kitchen in the evening – romantic! I also love a dining table in a kitchen. Click on the image for a link to this lovely website.
Michael Allen's kitchen
Artist’s Michael Allen’s kitchen.  Click on the link for an interview with Michael and more images from his apartment and studio.
outdoor kitchen
A kitchen in what appears to be an old greenhouse – yes, it probably leaks and is cold in the winter, but – it’s lovely.





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