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Anti-Glam: Interior Images from Photographer Seth Smoot


seth smoot 9
Photography by Seth Smoot

I find myself being increasingly inspired by a certain look that I can best describe as cultured bohemian.  It’s an anti-glam aesthetic movement that has an edge of darkness to it that I find extremely compelling.  The New York City based photographer Seth Smoot is a genius at capturing this textural, moody look and I cannot get enough!  I wanted to share some of my favorite images from his latest work with you.  You can see more and read a little bit more on his website:  He’s also got (shocker) a fantastic Instagram account:

Seth Smoot Gilded Interiors
Joseph Cornell-esque still life
seth smoot Gilded Interiors
Painterly bed linens
seth smoot Gilded Interiors
There’s that chiaroscuro…
Seth Smoot - Gilded Interiors
Simple with a sculptural, sun-starved geranium and strong side light
Seth Smoot - Gilded Interiors
Dutch-style light again – lovely!
seth smoot - Gilded Interiors
Texture and age and more light from the left
Seth Smoot - Gilded Interiors
Love this color scheme, composition and dramatic light.

I am thrilled at the revival of age and texture in interiors – rooms that look brand-spanking new are nice to look at, but they can feel odd to walk around in – you don’t always need to have every dark corner lit.  Get out to a yard sale this weekend or a vintage store and explore and bring something home – where do you think retail stores like Anthropologie get their ideas?

“There’s a darkness upon me that’s flooded in light / And I’m frightened by those that don’t see it” – Head Full Of Doubt / Road Full Of PromiseThe Avett Brothers. – Since the song is now in my head, here’s a link to their fantastic music video for the song in case you’ve never seen it:









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