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Unnecessary and Beautiful: The Un-American Stove Sconce

Gilded Interiors period details
Stunning cabinetry, backsplash and gorgeous sconces

Sconces at stoves are an unnecessary accessory that seem vaguely Un-American to me.  Wall space is typically grabbed by upper cabinets therefore sconces are an unusual light fixture to find in a kitchen.  If there is a sconce in a kitchen, it’s most likely found next to the sink.  Most stoves have a light in the hood, so generally you don’t need any additional light there – that and the cleaning difficulty, make the stove sconce an elusive item.

Elusive, romantic, pretty for the sake of pretty: unnecessary fluff – I’m sure our founding fathers would detest them but I love seeing them!

Gilded Interiors thomas pheasant wall sconce
Thomas Pheasant Wall Sconces near an induction range – kind of an interesting dichotomy. Notice the mix of metals here too.
Gilded Interiors Sconces at Stove
The same kitchen – a wider view – I count three different metals used in this kitchen.  Most of my clients would keel over in a dead faint if I proposed this.  Looks good though, eh?
Gilded Interiors white marble kitchen
Another pale kitchen with stove sconces and tons of marble!
Gilded Interiors white kitchen shaped backsplash
I did not purposefully select pale kitchens with stove sconces – seems to be a small trend! This one has a really lovely shaped stove backsplash.
Gilded Interiors: shaped stove backsplash
I love this shaped marble backsplash – so gorgeous! This sconce is higher than the others. I’m struck by the similarities in all these kitchens – dark wood, pale cabinets, marble and subway tile.
Gilded Interiors parisian kitchen
Stylish industrial sconces over this stove with no hood, so, technically, these sconces are actually needed for light!  This kitchen reminds me of a pretty girl who looks even prettier when she wears her glasses.

Unneccessary beauty:  embrace it – Vive America!  The Pilgrims are no longer with us.




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