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Bedrooms without Closets

We’ve been house hunting in and around Denver recently and I’ve been struck by two things: 1. People are living in incredibly small homes and 2. The bedrooms in these tiny homes have no closets.  As a result of the no closet situation I’ve seen a lot of hastily built, bivouac type of closets.  Sometimes there’s an option to break through a wall and add a framed closet that way – or turn another room into a walk-in closet; but in most cases, there is just not enough square footage to even attempt it.  Here are some ideas I’ve run across in looking for solutions; they look better than the shambling structures I’ve been seeing in homes and a weekend carpenter could tackle them.  I’ve also learned something that you may already know – most homes built pre-World War II did not have closets built into the bedrooms.  This was something that went hand in hand with the introduction of suburbs and the lack of access to Narnia…

Here’s an idea from Remodelaholic using some furniture you may already have or, there are a ton of armoires on Craigslist right now that you could buy and use for this project. I am not this handy – but it’s a great option if you are!  Click on the photo for a link to her most excellent step by step how-to!
Ikea hack built in
This is a stunning example from Little Green Notebook of an Ikea hack – these are Pax closet units from Ikea that have been totally customized. The site shows you great step by steps for how to make this.
This is from – and it’s worth clicking on to see the entire built-in wall of closet. I like a closet to look and feel built-in and this is just that – this person also used the Pax wardrobe unit.
pax wardrobe
Here’s another hacked Ikea Pax wardrobe unit. This isn’t the flashiest closet here, but it’s my favorite. I love how simple it is – I like the trim added to the top and bottom and I quite like how it doesn’t take up a huge amount of the wall. This site has some great installation tips – be sure and click to see more!
Or, you could just buy the biggest, baddest heaviest wardrobe you can find and store your coats in Narnia. (Sketch by Kevin Blasius – click to see his Flickr site)










4 thoughts on “Bedrooms without Closets”

  1. Fantastic ideas, and neat way to show what you are talking about with added resource by just clicking on the picture. thanks

  2. Great ideas! Love your posts. Alot of the older homes in Baltimore have very small closets, too. I actually have a closet I want to take out and these are some much better ideas for it.

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