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The Space Above: Styling above an upright piano

I’ve always wanted to smash a guitar over someone’s head.  You can’t do that with a piano. – Elton John

As a silly decorator – having a piano in the home thrills me almost as much for the design opportunity as for the music. It’s a gorgeous table top and art ledge rolled into a thing that is both functional, beautiful and musical.  What to do with that lovely space above?  For uprights – I prefer an asymmetrical decorating approach.  They are the more casual pianos and not treated as preciously as baby grands and grands that take up a lot of space (and look amazing doing so).  The grand pianos tend to have a more formal, luxurious look.  Here’s a round up of a few styled “Spaces Above” that I like – I threw in one symmetrical look for those of you whose psyche’s need that.  I put in a  photo of my own piano at the end.

For an easy asymmetrical arrangement, hang a large rectangular piece of art next to a smaller piece – you could even lean the smaller piece against the wall. I love the sculpture grouping on the right but could do without the dried flowers on the left – still it’s a lovely composition!  The wood on the piano looks gorgeous surrounded by all white!
Gilded Interiors symmetrical
I have quite a few symmetry loving clients out there – if this is you, a close grouping of framed prints with a pair of lamps looks fantastic! From Emily A. Clark.  Another beautiful wood piano..
Gilded Interiors Simple Styling
I like the flexibility of this arrangement a lot. Frame one larger piece of art and hang it about 5-6″ above the piano (centered). Then play with layering a few pieces of art on one side with something like a lamp, flowers or sculpture on the other side of the piano . This could also be styled symmetrically if you’re having a formal moment. Striking art! From Dear Lillie blog.
Painting pianos was really in a few years ago – I’m not a fan unless the piano is really wrecked. This is a really pretty color and made even more feminine by the artful plate display above. If you want it to look more formal, a grid layout with matching plates would look nice too! For advice on hanging plates check out this how to from The Nester.
Gilded Interiors Gallery wall
What a playful and creative gallery wall! If you’re up for something like this and are okay with lines not being straight or matched up – this would look awesome! I like the white frames and heavy white mats used to unify everything. Killer white piano too!
Gilded Interiors piano art gallery
Another take on the Gallery wall – this one is more even, less frenetic than the previous one. Lovely composition and an interesting choice for the piano bench! From Design Sponge.
Gilded Interiors Marquee Sign
So adorable! I really like this – it’s young and stylish. The green wicker chair is pretty for the photo but not so practical for playing. A marquee sign lit up in the evening would look so lovely – great idea! Here’s a marquee sign shop on Etsy to get one for yourself – it would be fun to have something custom made.
Gilded Interiors Lotta Agaton's home
This is quite different and very intriguing. I know this isn’t for everybody, but a sculpture grouping or a collection grouping of some kind is great for a piano top! From Lotta Agaton’s home.
Dining Room
This is similar to the one above in that it showcases a collection. I’d love to see a collection of antique mirrors above a piano too! From Design Sponge.
Hippo over the piano
This one makes me laugh – so it had to be included. Just a reminder to not take decorating too seriously and hopefully, that’s not a real hippo head. Found on Desire to Inspire.


gilded interiors honey cat
Here’s our piano that was a gift from a friend who is terribly missed.  It is Honey’s favorite napping spot. There’s a vast expanse of white space above our piano right now – leaning toward a marquee sign though…
Laura Medicus art
Here’s a watercolor and sharpie I did of Honey on the seat with the piano keys – should’ve named him Schroder.

And, because a post about a piano wouldn’t be complete with something from my favorite pianist:


2 thoughts on “The Space Above: Styling above an upright piano”

  1. Really enjoyed this blog! Even seeing/hearing Tori again…such talent and beautiful to boot. Now I need a piano!

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