The Window Seat

A morning glory at my window satisfies me more than the metaphysics of books – Walt Whitman

I love looking at window seats.  “Looking” is the operative word – they aren’t a spot that tends to get a whole lot of use by the family.  That said – they are a beautiful way to accent a window and perhaps, if you build it, they will come.  Here are some lovely nooks to inspire you to either dress yours up – or create one!  I’d like to think that these are used frequently to daydream…

Love this little spot and the matching cushion!
gilded interiors window seat long
A classic use of bookshelves and a window seat to frame the window. I love the addition of the sconces and the drawers for storage!
Gilded Interiors stair window seat
Here’s another classic place for a window seat – the stair landing. It doesn’t seem like it would get used much (except as a drop spot for things you’re too lazy to carry all the way up); but it is a beautiful spot for decorating and really highlights the window and the stair.
Window seat
I love this and I could see this getting some use! If you have extra space in a room – this would be a fabulous addition! From
Window seat with storage
Love this idea from!
Gilded Interiors
If you’ve got an existing bow window with a seat – one easy update is to knock out the wall underneath to create room for storage and display – I did this here for a client in Golden, CO. Photo by Sara Yoder.
garden room window seat
Simple seat in what looks like a converted porch room – love the baskets underneath! From
rustic nook
Got an awkward too small room? Here’s a good idea – put in a little window seat! Seating, storage and it’s adorable to boot – from
window seat
Chic black and white stripes, Moroccan wedding blanket on the floor and sleek drawers and window coverings are interesting paired with the rustic beams – from
bed nook
A deep nook – love the beams and the bed-like feel of this nook. From
So lovely – I love a window seat that could serve as an extra bed should you need it! From
morrocan window seat
Last one – a window seat in Marrakesh – lower than window seats in this country – love the drapes over it!




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