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Are We Out of the Woods: 4 High Impact Areas to consider swaddling in wood planks

Adding wood planks to an accent wall is a relatively easy and quick way to add a fun natural element to your home that inherently brings warmth and texture.  It’s a trend that’s been out there for a while – but keeps gaining in momentum.  What I love about it are the possibilities: you can use reclaimed wood, wood meant for fencing, wood from pallets or new wood from the lumber mill and then stain it to suit your style or leave it as is.  Unless you live in the mountains, a little goes a long way.  Here are some great high impact areas to consider for adding a little bit of the natural to your home.

Wood wall
Vertical wood plank wall in a model home by Bynum Design out of Nashville. Great color palette and I love the street sweeper brushes used as art!! (Source)
  1. Accent Wall in a Living or Dining Room:  If you’ve got a room that needs warming up either because there’s a lot of steel and glass going on (as is the case in the condo interior above), or if you have a house or a room that lacks architectural oomph look around for a spot for a planked wall.  Try to place it so the accent wall goes from inside corner to inside corner.  It’s more tricky to end an accent wall on an outside corner and it’s something that always bugs me as a designer.
wood planked dining wall
This accent wall gives some much needed texture and warmth to this contemporary home in Minnesota – also notice how it’s nicely inset.  (Source)

2. Bathroom Wall:  I’ve always liked stone or tile accenting a sink wall – why not use wood planks instead?  Bathrooms tend lack the warmth and texture of other rooms in the house.  Wood on the wall would amp up the warmth and the design impact.

A stunning example for a home in Aspen by Frank de Biasi. (Source)
This wall adds much needed warmth and interest to a minimalist bathroom. (Source)

3. Headboard Wall:  Always a good spot for an accent.

whitewash wood plank
This is wood fencing from Home Depot installed by the homeowner – I like the whitewash but really the dogs help sell it for me. (Source) Try to resist hanging a skull on the wood wall if you’re able – it’s a little too Portlandia.
plank partial
If you don’t want the entire wall covered in wood planking – try planking just two thirds of it and add a shelf for display. This is from Jersey Ice Cream Company (love them!) (Source)

4. Fireplace Wall: A fireplace wall is one of the most classic areas in the home to use wood plank.  Out here in Denver, it’s been a hallmark of almost every spec and model home erected in the past 10 years.  Despite this, I still love it!

How fabulous!  This herringbone plank wall is only for those whose personality can support it.  (Source)
In Denver, and probably most other areas, you need to have a certain amount of space around your firebox and a combustible material. This living room handles that well and I like the extension of the wood planks onto the adjacent wall. Another good example of modern furniture softened by wood. (Source)

Can you do this yourself?  There are lots of DIY blogs and YouTube videos out there that show you exactly how to do this, however, it’s not a big job and if you’re not so confident about your skills or just don’t have the time – hire somebody and get it done already.  It’s not that expensive for the dramatic impact it will create.

So no, we’re not out of the woods yet and that song is not out of my head yet.


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    1. Thanks Polly! I just looked at yours – gorgeous photography – I like your perspective on things – it feels real if you know what I mean. Keep in touch!


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