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Matchy Matchy: Pull together your look with matching pieces

“I don’t want it to be too matchy-matchy” is something I hear from a lot of people.  Trust me, I don’t want that for you either!  If you’re struggling with the basic foundation of your room – take a page from these amazing designers and decorators and match it up!  You may think of it as something generic hotels in the Midwest might do, but with art and accessories you can liven it up and give it a dose of your personality.  Matching upholstery will unify the room, be more soothing to look at and be sooo much easier for you to accessorize with pillows, throws and other, more diverse objects and furnishings.

4 matching armchairs and a sofa in a very similar coloring pull this eclectic look together in a beautiful room by Michael Smith. (Source)
A blue sofa with two matching blue armchairs are the furniture base for this room. An added anchor of the two matching white tufted chairs helps pull the look together even more. (Source)
Matching upholstered pieces create a calm and relaxed atmosphere here. The fabrics may not match exactly but the shades are the same lovely white.  Slipcover some of your chairs in a fabric similar in color to your sofa for an easy update.
This is quite “matchy matchy” and it works! The two matching leather chairs go a step further in grounding this handsome look by Thom Filicia. (Source)
miles redd
Almost all the above schemes are fairly tone on tone in terms of their matchiness – here’s a fun room by Miles Redd that matches two leopard print chairs as a pull together in a room that already has a lot going on. Fabulous! (Source)
Taking matching upholstery the extra step: Have you seen the Korean couple “matchy matchy” trend yet??

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