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Piney Knot: Ideas for a Throwback Pine Kitchen

My laptop died somewhat suddenly this week – it has been under the weather and showing signs of slowing down for the last month.  I will spare you the other annoying things that have totally bummed me out dude because I do realize that they are problems that most people in the world wish they had.

betty draper kitchen
Betty Draper’s 1950’s knotty pine kitchen from Mad Men; love that dress! (Image Copyright AMC)

Due to the laptop situation, this will be a short, but personal post.  I thought I would share with you a glimpse of my kitchen so that you can feel better about your own! Quick background story: we moved here in March and have not done anything to the kitchen.  It’s circa 1950’s Mad Men without the cool vibe and Hollywood characters; I like to call it Ye Olde Piney Knot.  The room and the cabinets need to be completely renovated, but that is not something in my budget right now.  Thus, I’m looking for a quick fix.

Pine hutch
The home was built in 1938 and I think the kitchen cabinets must have been a 1950’s addition. The floor, which reminds me of a tire store, is probably 1980’s-90’s.  I’ve taken off two upper cabinet doors in an effort to make this less “piney” you can see for yourself how that totally worked.

The above photo is the pantry.  It holds a ton and has become a library book, homework, snack station in addition to holding everything non-refrigerated and then some. It’s functional, but honestly, kind of weird.  Because it is kind of a hybrid cabinet, I have been looking at some older kitchen styles for inspiration on how to keep some of the wood yet leave the Mad Men set behind.

I have loved this kitchen for a long time and this sideboard with the painted china cabinet over it is timeless and stunning. I realize my pine pantry will never be this, but it does give me some ideas! (Source)
welsh dresser
Here’s an inspirational photo that is probably more attainable: this piece used to be something similar to mine (except in worse shape) and it’s been turned into a simple, farmhouse style china hutch. (Source)
vintage object
Here’s another simple farmhouse style piece that’s been given new life. I love the hardware on this. Good hardware, just like good shoes, can elevate a piece from boring to interesting just like that! (Source unknown)

My plan for my little pine pantry built-in is to paint part of it a dramatic color (like the first inspirational photo) and then update the hardware with something interesting.  I do like wood cabinets and I like vintage things, but this entire kitchen is knotty pine and it’s more than enough for me.

pine kitchen
Isn’t this a lovely knotty pine kitchen? It’s not mine and it’s not circa 1950, but it does show you that knotty pine can be stylish. (Source)

Most people with this kitchen just paint it white and call it a day.  I’m going to see what I can do with a partial paint and partial cleaned up wood look.  Here’s the color I really like for the room:

HC-158 Newburg Green
Newburg Green (HC-158) by Benjamin Moore – I like it for two reasons: it works with the existing floor and it’s dramatic.  (Source)

I plan to start work on changing this pantry cabinet this month and will post photo’s once it’s complete.  This is a bit of a challenge because I don’t want to throw white paint at it and call it good; it’s a kitchen with character and I do respect that!  I’ll have to show you the rest of the kitchen sometime – it’s like stepping back in time.


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