Orange Crush: Or Beige is a Bummer

A little orange has always gone a long way for me.  It’s a Notice Me! color that tends to annoy me a little bit in a home.  I love calm interiors yet too much beige is such a bummer!  Have some fun this season with orange – it’s a much maligned color that deserves some respect and a little play time in your home.  It’s a fun, warm and playful color that calls attention to itself by just being well, orange.  I’m sure you know someone like that – you may even be that person yourself!

orange accents
This is a deep, luxurious orange that looks warm and cozy with the pale colors and gold accents in the room. (Source)
orange barstools
Orange barstools in a kitchen = fun! Orange is such a dynamic color and it perks up a kitchen and lends it a more casual vibe.  If your kitchen could use a smile, try some orange accents. (Source)
orange accents kitchen
Orange is balanced out really nicely here with blues and greens. It looks so cheerful and spunky in this casual kitchen. (Source)
orange and purple
Orange and purple are a gorgeous color combination and one I love seeing in Fall with purple mums and orange pumpkins.  This is a great choice for rich accent colors in a neutral room. (Source)
orange in a bedroom
Orange and chocolate brown are a classic, luxurious combination (think Hermes). The last few years I’ve seen a lot of orange paired with grey for a handsome, hip look. (Source)
orange front door
There are quite a lot of red front doors but not a whole lot of pumpkin orange doors. It looks fresh and modern here against the gray and sets up what type of interiors I might expect to see inside. (Source)
orange accent in kitchen
Orange is unexpected and cheerful here – I love this little detail. It’s warm and happy and perfect for a kitchen. Change the color and you change the mood. Here, orange makes this kitchen seem a little less precious and a little more lighthearted. (Source)
orange ben moore paint
Benjamin Moore’s Orange Parrot (2169-20) – a good spicy orange for a small piece of furniture or the backs of bookshelves. (Source)

Of course orange is something entirely different out here in Bronco country…

orange crush




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