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My Vintage Industrial Romance: Adding Romance to your Home with Industrial Lighting

A lot of my clients are really digging the vintage industrial look and although they don’t want their entire home looking like a factory from the turn of the century, they are wanting touches of it.  I’m not sure if it’s a longing for a time when we could see the mechanics and engineering of things or a love of the angular lines and mixed metals, or if it’s something else entirely.  Lighting is an easy way to add some of that industrial romance to your home without it looking overly cold or masculine.  I like industrial lighting best when it’s paired with texture.  Without it, it tends to feel cold and hard.  Because most of these looks use an Edison bulb – the romance and moodiness you can achieve with these fixtures is hard to beat.  Think of these lights as indoor Cafe lights – they bring a little bit of party to the mix.

industrial kitchen
Mixing metals is really in now – and the silver shimmery tile looks fantastic with the amber light of the industrial pendants. This is a glamorous kitchen that has been given an edge that I really like. (Source)
rustic industrial kitchen
Texture! I love the look of these fixtures against all the texture in this bar area. This is a commercial use, but could absolutely be translated into a home kitchen or bar. If you’re considering planking a wall in wood, or you have a lot of wood in your kitchen now, think about putting one or two of these industrial fixtures in front of it – just perfect. (Source)
Bedroom industrial light fixture
I love these lights – they look great in this gorgeous bedroom. They add romance to a room without being precious. (Source)
hangout lighting pendants
Here’s a lovely custom piece by Hangout Lighting. Hangout has fantastic, customizable fixtures that are affordable and give you a touch of Industrial Romance. I found them first on Etsy, but you can also purchase on their website.  (Source)
pressed glass pendants
I love this row of pendants! They remind me of Christmas ornaments but they have that industrial vibe that gives some romantic energy to the space. Fat Shack Vintage sells similar items (and other gorgeous industrial fixtures). (Source)
Rustic bathroom industrial
This is a great use of industrial light fixtures with warm, rustic wood. It’s totally appropriate: simple, unpretentious and oddly enough, elegant. If you’re going for the modern farmhouse style or have a rustic home – these could really pull your look together. (Source)
bathroom industrial rustic
This bathroom would not be as interesting without these lights. It’s already a handsome, well appointed room, the lights just add the romance and the story line. (Source)
marquee lights bar
Marquee lights are also an easy, fun way to get some of that vintage industrial vibe into your space. They are everywhere in stores now but I prefer the more authentic looking ones you can find on Etsy (Golden Spike Sawdust is a great shop) or in some Antique Malls. (Source)
cage lantern
There are quite a few shops on Etsy where you can try out this look without investing in a chandelier or pendant. The rope cage lantern above is from Luke Lamp Co. World Market also sells a customizable rope swag kit.  (Source)


“…We need space that liberates us from terra firma, allowing our spirits to soar and our imaginations to take flight.”

John Saladino











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