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Vintage Mirrors: 6 Easy Ways to Add Character and Style to Your Bathroom

Changing out a boring, or downright ugly, bathroom mirror with something interesting is such an easy thing to do, yet “new mirror” is something that keeps getting added to the new “to do” list and always lands somewhere after #10.  It’s obvious when they need updating, especially if you’ve landed a home with that sweet flat piece of enormous mirror mounted to the entire wall above the sink.  You can look online at places like Bellacor, Wayfair, Pottery Barn, etc – but why not create an excuse to go to an Antique mall or thrift shop and start looking for a mirror that’s unusual and maybe even fun?  You’ll probably pay the same amount as you would at a retail store (unless you get really lucky at a Thrift Store or Garage Sale) but that’s not the point.

Take a look at these 6 bathroom styles that are really rocking the vintage mirror and then have fun shopping!

  1. Rustic with Refined: A stark style contrast that adds some tension and interest to a room.
gilded mirror
This is a dramatic setup already – but this antique, gilded mirror really makes it something eye-catching and memorable when contrasted with the very rustic sink and sconces. (via Pinterest)

2. A Feminine Touch: A lot of the vintage and antique mirrors have very feminine curves – use them to soften cool colors and minimal finishes.  A minimalist’s bathroom can be even more stunning with one of these mirrors!

Large mirror two sinks
This is a feminine bathroom with understated, muted, almost stark finishes – the elaborately shaped mirror sets itself apart as something important and becomes a piece of art. (Source)

3. Dresser Mirrors: This can give your bathroom a touch of country style with a type of mirror that is fairly easy to find at thrift stores and garage sales.

wood framed dresser mirror
I love the feminine shape of this plain wood mirror. I see dresser mirrors by themselves a lot in thrift stores – this is a great way to use one without the older fashioned dresser/mirror setup. (Source)
dresser mirror
Here’s another antique mirror that may have been a part of a dresser at one point in its life. It looks great over a reclaimed Craigslist table turned sink! Note the wood valance over the shower curtain rod in the mirror – interesting! (Source)

4. Frameless vintage mirrors: These seem to be getting harder to find in local antique and thrift shops, but there are some really pretty ones on Ebay right now for great prices.  They are perfect for a small bathroom where you might not want to add another finish to it!

small antique mirrors
Frameless antique mirrors in a very small bathroom.  I am not sure what’s going on with the paperback book installation – but it is interesting!  (Source)
vintage 1920's mirror
A Vintage, Art Deco, Beveled Mirror on eBay – lovely!  Yes, Pottery Barn sells these too, but why not get something not from a major retailer?  Especially when everything else in your bathroom probably came from a big box store.

5. A picture frame mirror: Maybe you find a gorgeous antique picture frame but with no mirror?  Just have some mirror cut and added to it – you can add a bevel, add a little vintage distressing, etc.  It will add some charm and style and you’ll feel proud that you put it all together yourself (even if you paid others to do it for you, hey, you did the driving and made the phone calls)!  Glass and Mirror places are great sources for things like this.

framed mirror
Drama – an antique gilded mirror adds even more glamour in an already glamorous powder room. (Source)

6. A pair of vintage mirrors:  Matching antique mirrors can be a rare find these days – if you own a pair it might even be worth giving your bathroom a makeover just for them!

matching antique mirrors
This pair of vintage mirrors are so pretty – they really help warm up the bathroom and give more substance to the pale room. (Source)

If you have any good vintage mirror finds  – please share – I’d love to see them!

It was a toss up between Justin Timberlake’s “Mirrors” or Lil Wayne’s “Mirror” ft. Bruno Mars  – both are kind of terrible (sorry boys); I had to go with Lil Wayne here:



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