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Hello!  I took the week off to be with family and attempted to schedule this post for the week of Thanksgiving – it’s a little late, but the thoughts are true for the upcoming holidays. I hope you had a great holiday with friends and family!

REI’s retail decision to #OptOutside and be closed for Black Friday resonated with what I have been feeling about the onslaught of ads and gimmicks from everything and everybody on the Internet.  Almost every blog and online article I read has tags and links for where I can buy product.  I am weary of the fevered “Buy Me” presence online that’s wrapped in a shiny, overly white and bright sales pitch.   I’m tired of words and phrases like “swoon worthy” “dreamy” “must haves” “ultimate gift guide” and “essentials” to name a few.

This holiday season, let’s give ourselves and our loved ones a breather.  Take at least one day this Thanksgiving and opt for time with your family and friends.  The shopping feeding frenzy is gross and does nothing to feed your soul.

I hope you had a fun, thoughtful Thanksgiving and appreciate time spent with your family and friends.  Step away from the retail noise for a while.  It will always be there to welcome you back.

#OptForFamily: Take a breath and go futz around outside with your friends and family!





2 thoughts on “#OptForFamily”

  1. Love all the words, and the picture especially. I like the ideas you presented and the emphasis on family. Keep up the good work.

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