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Entryway Ideas: One Entry 3 Ways

I have a wonderful client who moved to Florida this past year and is struggling with a really plain entryway that has no architectural interest or even definition between rooms.  I thought I would use the blog format to show how to create an entry just using furniture, rugs, lighting and art.

Here’s the Entry:

blank entry
There is absolutely nothing happening architecturally interesting here. When you don’t or can’t add walls or built-ins, a blank entry needs to be defined by furnishings.

How to create an entry where there is none: Define the space with furniture, lighting, art and rugs.  The client wanted to keep her console table and she also wanted a mirror here.  The family enters and exits mostly through the garage so storage is not a factor.  I created three different looks to create an interesting entryway.

  1. The Twisted Traditional Entry
    Traditional with a Twist
    Traditional calls for Symmetry! Fairly dramatic wall sconces can help define the space and give it some importance. The console gets a little more substance with matching benches.

    Symmetry is the easiest solution – it’s simple to start with this as your base concept and then play with accessories and colors to shake it up a bit.

  2. Artfully Eclectic Entry

    Artful Eclectic
    Aymmetrical art placement and a longer bench help bridge the space and add some much needed texture.
  3. Florida Bohemian Entry

    Florida Bohemian
    To give this look some stability, I used symmetrically placed art around the mirror but threw off the look a bit with what I call a “personality” chair, in this case it’s a classic Eames chair. I like a classic mid-century modern piece in a room like this – it livens up the space a bit.

    This type of tableau is so much fun to create and play with.  It’s important to decide the big pieces, like your mirror and the art placement, first.  They both will dictate the vibe your room gives off.  A symmetrical art placement is very appropriate for an entry – but you will probably want to throw if off a little with your accessories or colors.  Asymmetrical art placement in an entry gives off a more relaxed atmosphere, but it still needs to be carefully balanced with furniture.  I think the jolt of something unexpected, either in style, color or material is a lot of fun in a space like this!



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